Australian History

By woohoo9
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  • Captain Cook

    Captain Cook
    Captain cook discovered the east coast of Australia in 1770. He drew a map of the East Coast as he sailed along side it.
  • White settlement

    White settlement
    British first flew the flag and settled on Australia
  • Eureka Rebellion

    Eureka Rebellion
    British wanted to claim Australia, Aboriginals took them to court
  • Australia Becomes a Nation

    Australia Becomes a Nation
    Australia was a young country and then be came a nation
  • Anzac's in galipolli

    Anzac's in galipolli
    The first time Australia actually fought against the germans and the japanese.
  • Australia is Attacked

    Australia is Attacked
    Australia gets attacked by the japanese empire.
  • Sydney 2000 Olympics

    Sydney 2000 Olympics
    Australia hosts their first Olympics