Australian History

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  • The First Colony at Sydney Cove

    King George sends the first group of convicts to New Holland to found the first colony at Sydney Cove. They assumed that the Aboriginals did not own the land and would step aside. Effect - Aboriginal people are no longer the only inhabitants. The French were stoppedfrom colonising Australia. We inherited English religions, laws, and values.
  • Farmer Settlers

    People have now had grants of land. 177 farmer settlers to be exact. Two thirds of them are ex-convicts. The settlement is now made of Parramatta and Sydney , with a small bit of land in Norfolk island. Effect - Parramatta and Sydney are now owned by the 177 farmer settlers which means if any other convicts have come to Sydney that means that they cant own the land.
  • Matthew Flinders and his amazing achievement

    An explorer Matthew Flinders, argues that a continent he circled should be called Australia. Effect - Now a days if Matthew hadnt named or argued to name the continent Australia we would not have our history today.
  • White People Invation

    Now there are nearly 12,000 white people in the colonies of New South Whales, and Van Diemen`s Land. Effect - Too many white people in the colonies. Soon if something isn’t done white people will rule NSW and Van Diemen`s Land.
  • The Black War

    – There is a ‘ Black War ‘ going on at the moment. A Lieutenant Governor Named Author, declares material law, banning Aboriginals from many maybe in fact all settlements. Effect – With Aboriginals banned, the Black War has currently stoped. If we didn’t have Governor Author today we would not be at peace.
  • Indiginous Australians

    – The majority of indigenous Australians were still living on their own countries and land. In 1830 a smallpox epidemic spread among Aboriginal groups and many died. Effect – With all of these many Aboriginals dying the population is decreasing. They have not found the antidote yet.
  • Transporttion

    8 – British Government tries to revive transportation to mainland Australia. Effect – With transportation up and running it will be much easier to send things to mainland Australia.
  • The Rabbit Disaster

    • A pastoralist near Geelong, releases 24 breeding rabbits as a game for things such as parties. The introduction of a few rabbits would do no harm. But, within ten years, the rabbits where out of control. Effect – The rabbits started eating crops so people did not have as much food. The number of rabbits kept increasing.
  • The Tiumph

    – Victoria alone holds more people than its gold-rush rival. From Melbourne there is a triumph, with 18 men, 27 camels, 27 tonnes of equipment. Effect – With Victoria having so many people in their state, the population is increasing more and more.
  • Children Education

    – In Victoria, a ‘free’ compulsory and secular Education Act passed. All children over six must go to school. Effect – Now children learn from a young age which has a good impact on their future.
  • Cricket

    – Australia finally have defeated England in a cricket match on the English ground for the first time. An English Magazine known as Birth of the Ashes’, declares English cricket dead. Effect – With English cricket gone Australians have finally had their victory that they have been waiting for, for many years.
  • Women Granted the Right to Vote

    – South Australia women are granted the right to vote and the right to stand for Parliament. ( which hadn`t happened any where. ) Effect – With women able to vote the votes for the prime minister have changed from a boys point of view also to a girls point of view.
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