Australian Federation

By Zanos
  • Period: to

    Aussie Federation

  • The British Colonies

    Six British colonies in Australia. Laws were made by the British Parliament
  • New friendships

    Telegraph lines connected colonies. Songs and poems made about Australian identity.
  • It's starting

    Idea of being australian becoming popular. Colonies realised that a nation would be better then colonies for many defence, trading, and ecomomic reasons
  • A bigger idea

    Australasian Federation Convention held in Melbourne, Australian and Kiwi representatives attend.
  • More influence

    National Australasian Convention held in Sydney. Each colony sent 7 representatives. Edmund Barton (NSW), Andrew Inglis Clark (Tasmania), Samuel Griffith (Qld), Charles Kingston (SA) drafted constitution: Refrences from British, North American, and Swiss constitutions
  • Pros at what they do

    Conference of pro-federation group. Poll held for whether federation should form, or not.
  • Starting over

    NAC met. All exept Qld sent representatives to attend, each paragraph of constitution debated. Changes started to be made.
  • An Alteration

    Continuation of NAC, Qld didn't attend, Edmund Barton, John Downer, Dick O'Connor drafted new constitution.
  • Equal representation

    Smaller colonies afraid larger ones would have a bigger say. In the Senate, each colony has an equal number of representatives.
  • The polls

    A referendum was held so that the people of Australia could vote on the constitution. Qld, WA didn't vote, NSW didn't get approved.
  • The Referendum succeeds

    2nd referendum for constitution, WA didn't take part, bill passed anyway.
  • Capital competetiveness

    Melbourne, Sydney compete for capital city.
  • Trying to please every one

    Premiers met to discuss concerns of Qld, WA, NSW.
  • Commenwealth of Australia

    Aussie laws still made by Britain, Delogation of 5, observer from WA took draft constitution to London. Commenwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 passed, signed by Queen Victoria, declared that all Aussie colonies would become The Commenwealth of Australia on Jan 1st, 1901.
  • Every one's happy

    Gold rush in WA, ended up with more contact with other colonies, referendum held in Aug, WA joined commenwealth.
  • Finally there

    Colonies become states, Federal Parliment formed, Jan 1st COA proclaimed in Cennteniel Park, Syd by Lors Hopetoun, 1st Government General, Edmund Barton 1st Prime Minister.
  • Aussie parliment

    1st parliment house opened in Melbourne at, Senate at, representatives met at
  • If you can find a way to not vote, you're not in Qld!

    Qld elections first to have compulsory voting.
  • You and you and you, but not you

    Nationality Act 1920 gave all British subjects 'political and all other rights' exept for South Sea Island.
  • But you have to vote

    Compulsory voting introduced at federal elections.
  • Makeshift House

    Commenwealth Parliment sat in temporary Canb, known as Old Parliment House.
  • For the first time.....

    Parliment met in Can for 1st time.