Australian Federation

  • Australian Government

    Australian colonies act passed the government by Birtish Parliment
  • The Start

    Premier of New South Wales, Sir Henry parkes started fderation
  • Period: to

    Australian federation

    Australian Federations History
  • Victoria seperates

    Victoria seperatates from New South Wales
  • Renaming Van Diemiens land

    In 1855 They renamed Van Diemiens land Tasmania
  • Australia gets a self government

    Self government achieved
  • Sepertation

    Queensland seperated from New South Wales
  • British Colonies

    Six British colonies in Australia. Laws were made by British parliament
  • Telegraph Lines

    Telegraph lines linked colonies. Songs and poem about Australian identity.
  • Natives association

    Australian Natives Association established
  • Convention Time

    Convention in Melbourne
  • Australian Deppression

    From 1891 to 1894 there was a great economic deppresion
  • Australian Convention

    A convention is held in Sydney. The Constitution started to be written. Representives read the constitution.
  • Pro-Federation

    Conference of pro-fderation group. Vote for federation.
  • Federation Convention

    A premier's conference agrees to hold a federation convention.
  • Henry Parkes urges Australia to federate

    Sir Heny Parkes urges Australia to federate in 1898
  • Another Convention

    A second .c people's conference in Bathurst, New South Wales, calls for another federation convention.
  • Australiasian's back

    Convention: A body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed
    The second National Australasian Convention meets in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, and agrees to the constitution.
  • Referendums

    Referendum:A general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. Referendums are held in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania to approve the constitution. It is endorsed by all but New South Wales..
  • Qld don't agree

    Convention QLD didn't attend because they were against federation. New constistution was drafted.
  • Death of Henry

    27 April is the day that Sir Henry Parkespassed away
  • Urging the Parliaments

    A people's conference in Corowa, New South Wales, urges the parliaments to hold a new convention to decide on a draft constitution.
  • Secret meeting

    In January the premiers hold a secret meeting and agree to several changes to the constitution.
  • Meeting us there

    The premiers met to find ways of meeting the concerns of the 3 colonies.
  • Austrlias population in 1901

    Australias population in 1901 was
  • Australia's laws change

    Australian's change the laws so you can swim at day
  • Australia's films

    Australia makes the worlds first feature film. The story of the Kelly gang worlds first live saving club formed at Bondi.