Australian Colonisation

By sa2318
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    Australian Colonisation

  • The First Fleet

    People came to australia beacause the jails in england filled up, so the convicts were sent to british colonies in america to serve people for punishment but that was stopped in 1776 when the americans fought for freedom and won the battle. so they had to find somewhere else to send th convicts so joseph banks the botanists who had joined captain cook on his adventure, suggested that they should build jails at botany bay so the first fleet set sail months later they finnaly arived at Australia.
  • The New Penal colany

    They had established the first penal colony in Van diemens land.
  • Hobart

    Hobart is founded.
  • Expanding NSW

    William Lawson, Gregory Blaxland and William Wentworth go with a group of explores to explore the blue mountains expand NSW.
  • Brisbane

    Under the command of Lieutenant Miller, 70 convicts, soldiers and explorers establish the first settlement in brisbane.
  • Australia

    Australia becomes Brittish territory.
  • Melbourne is founded

    First John Batman buys around 600,000 acres from local aboriganals to build melbourne. Then later Melourne is founded when some explores establish camp's at yarra river.
  • South Australia is Established

    South Australia was established by George and others.
  • Gold is found

    Gold is found in Port Phillip.
  • Western Australia

    Western Australia becomes a penal colany.