australia history 1750-1918

  • Prisoners Arrive

  • crossed Bluemountains

    crossed the blue mountains - Wentworth, Lawson and Blaxland in 1813 opened up new pastrol lands to feed a growing popluations. To ease its own populations pressures, the govement of Britain introduced as assisted passage scheme to encourage people to emigrate to the Australian colonies.
  • Southaustralia was found

    South Australia founded- this was the only colony settled by free settlers rather than convicts, after Charles Sturts's exploration to the mouth of the Murry River coasline.
  • Britain extend self rule to coloies

    Britain extended self rule to colonies - Most colonial parliments enacted important democratic reforms such as full male suffrage, the secret ballot and pay for parlimentarians.
  • male suffrage granted

    (Vic) Male Suffrage granted - after colonies were granted - after colonies were granted self rule, malae sufferage was granted. Before this Australian colonies were governed by Britain without any say of their own.
  • First Game of AFL

  • Colonies Start Becoming Independent.

  • Australia cricket team defeats england and the ashes are born

    Australian cricket team defeats England and the 'Ashes' were born out of a cricket test match competition between England and Australia since 1882.
  • the australia labor party

    A new political party was established in 1891 to promote the interests of workers in the colonial parliaments. Among the early achivements of the Australilian Labour Party were laws that extended the right to work an eight-hour day to most Austrlailan workers.
  • the great strkes

    australin workers sarted to strike and formed picket lines at the lack of employment opportunities as well as the erosion of pay and conditions. these strikes showed trade trade unions that strake action alone could not guarantee imrovments in working conditions.
  • woman get the right to vote

    woman granted suffrage which enabled them to vote and stand for election for the federal Parliament. this gave way to discrimination basd on gender opening up the the rights for federal eletion in australia.
  • Wa becomes the coloy to accpet federation

    WA becomes the last colony to accept federation - succesful referendums were carried out in WA in 1900. After this Australian colonies were granted permission to federate and a formal separation from Britain.
  • Federation

    federation britain grants permission for the australian colonoies to federate. alll australian coloneies agree to come under the same governing body and federation occurs forming one nation. at this time they still have the original govering bodies that control thiers satas but they now have a federal body that responsible for matters concering the whole nation.
  • WWI stop friering stop