Australia federation

  • Aboriginal people

    Aboriginal people died in great numbers after 1788. They killed by colonisrs or died of newly introduced diseases. The order the colonies got the smaller the Aberiganal population became.
  • Period: to

    Australian federation

  • Biarder trouble

    The six Australian colonies in 1859
  • Colonies

    In 1860 there were six British colonies in Australia. the laws were made by the British Parliment.
  • United by sport

    Australians were united in their passion for sport long before they were united as a commonwelth. The firstvAustralian cricket team toured England in 1868
  • Action Begins

    Telegraph lines linked colonies. Songs and poem about Australian identity.
  • songs and powems

    in 1872 telegraph linked the colonies, and the idea of being 'Australian' began to be celebrated in songs and poems, and by the 1890s the idea of federation was becoming popular.
  • Actions begin

    The Premier of New South Wales, Henry Parkes, convinced the other premiers to discuss federation and in 1890 the Australasian Federation Convention , including representatives from New Zealand, was held in Melbourne
  • Federation conferance

    All the colonies, inclcuding New Zealand, were repersented at the Australian federation conferance in Melbourne in 1890
  • Talk about federation

    In 1890s were filled with conferances, conventions debates and referndums about Federation.
  • Action begins

    the National Australasian Convention was held in Sydney in 1891. Each colony sent seven representatives
  • delay

    Hard times across Australia drew people's attention away from federation for several years but in 1893 there was a conference of pro-federation groups. They agreed that a national meeting would redraft the constitution and that all Australians should have a chance to agree with the constitution by vote.
  • Drafting the constitution

    Convention QLD did not attend becasue they were against the federation New constilation was drafted.
  • drafting the Constitution

    Convention QLD did not attend becasue they were against the federation New constilation was drafted.
  • The west joins in

    In August 1900 a referendum was held, and the people of Western Australia voted to join the Commonwealth.
  • The Creation of a Nation

    In 1900 a delegation of flve, plus an observer from Western Australia, took the draft constitution to London
  • The Parliments `first`

    The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 was presented to Australia in 1988, and is on display in Parliament House, Canberra.
  • The Commonwealth of Australia is a Reality

    On 1st January 1901 the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed in Centennial Park, Sydney by Lord Hopetoun, the first Governor General.
  • Life before federation (living on the land)

    In 1901, most people lived on the land or in country towns.
  • Federation

    Celebrations surrounding the inauguration of the new Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January in Sydney and at the opening of its first Federal Parliament on 9 May in Melbourne overshadowed Anniversary Day in 1901.
  • federation

    January 1 - 'Federation'- the Commonwealth of Australia was established, assented to by Queen Victoria signing the Constitution Act. A home for the national government must be established and the following conditions governed choice of site
  • federation 1

    the flags changed alot in the early days
  • Parliament 'Firsts'

    The 1st Commonwealth Parliament was opened on 9 May 1901, at 12 p.m. in the Exhibition Building in Melbourne, followed by the first sitting of the Senate in the Legislative Council chamber of the Victorian Parliament House at 1.10 p.m. At 2.30 p.m. the House of Representatives met in the Legislative Assembly chamber.
  • The first parliment opens

    The grand ceremony was held in the Exhibition building on 9 May 1901. the duke of york, Queen Victoria`s grandson, proclaimed the Australian parliment open
  • Parliment

    the parliment is now called the old parliment house.
  • Parliment

    On 9 May 1927 Commonwealth Parliament first sat in Canberra in the provisional (temporary) Parliament House, which is now called 'Old Parliament House'
  • The national Anthem

    Advance Australia Fair – written and composed by Peter Dodds McCormick in 1878 – was proclaimed Australia's national anthem on 19 April 1984
  • Paliments `first`

    On 10 May 1988 Commonwealth Parliament sat in the new Parliament House in Canberra.
  • Federation

    The Productivity Commission's 2009 roundtable was organised around the topic Strengthening Evidence-Based Policy in the Australian Federation, and held at Old Parliament House in Canberra on 17-18 August 2009.