Australia Colonisqtion

By Tyson.B
  • captain cook

    captain cook on the endeavour make the first sighting of the eatern coast of austrailia.
  • second fleet

    the second fleet DEATH FLEET!! arrivers with enough supplies to end famine.
  • first fleet

    the first flleet arrives
  • third fleet

    the third fleet arrives.
  • phillip leaves

    governor phillip leaves Australia for England
  • van diemems land

    a new town major has been established in van diemens land knowm today as tasmania.
  • phillip suffered

    he suffered a stroke in 1808 and died 1814 at the age of 76
  • gold strikes

    the first major gold strikes with gold found near bathurst in nsw the in victoria in a place known a ballarat.
  • the ashes

    australia defeat england in a cricket match on the enland cricket ground for the first time and what is called the ashes.
  • voting

    south australian women are granted the right to vote and the right to stand for parliament this is a world first.