Australia Colonial History

By AdeP5A
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    Australia Colonial History

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    Australia Colonial History

  • The Second Fleet 'Death Fleet'

    The second fleet known as the ‘Death Fleet’ arrives with enough supplies to end the famine, unlike the other fleets. EFFECT-This effected the number of people that died on board the fleet, which was less than the other fleets.
  • A Second Major Settlement

    A second major settlement was established in Van Diemen’s Land-modern day Tasmania. EFFECT-This was very useful to us because we got much more space to live in.
  • Nearly 12,000 White People in Australia

    In 1810 there were now nearly 12,000 white people in the colonies of N.S.W. and Van Diemen’s Land. EFFECT-There won’t be to many white people in Australia well at least no more will be coming.
  • Two Catholic Priests from Ireland

    Two Catholic priests from Ireland arrived in N.S.W. for the first time since 1804 that the Catholic mass has been allowed in public. EFFECT-It has been a long time and we are glad they are allowed in public.
  • Opportunity they weren't allowed to do back in Britain

    Real trial by jury is established in N.S.W. for the first time and ex-convicts are given the right to participate-something they wouldn’t be allowed to do back in Britain. EFFECT-This is giving them an opportunity that they weren’t allowed to do back in Britain.
  • End of Transportation to Australia

    The end of transportation to main land Australia, by which time some 150,000 convicts have been sent to the colonies. All the convicts are now to be sent to Van Diemen’s Land. EFFECT-This means there won’t be any more white people coming to Australia.
  • British Government gets into Popular Demand

    The British government gets into popular demand and separates the new colony of Victoria from N.S.W. EFFECT-This is giving us much more space and we are not all crowed.
  • The First few Events in Australia

    The first Melbourne Cup house race and the Sydney outsider and archer wins the prize-710 gold sovereigns and a hand-beaten gold watch. EFFECT-We can sell these prizes to the ships going back to Britain and get something worth out of them.
  • Schools for the Aboriginal Children

    The first Aboriginal children were enrolled in public schools in N.S.W. marking a shift from previous Missionary schooling. EFFECT-Because of this event, the Aboriginal children are learning much more about the British culture.
  • The White People are finally getting use to their new home

    Henry Lawson composes ‘song of the Republic' which urges native-born white Australians to choose between ‘the Land that belongs to the Lord and the Queen, and the Land that belongs to you’. EFFECT-This is helping the white people get use to the land and feel more at home.
  • Major Australia banks, to be on the verge of collapse

    The major Australian banks, based in Melbourne to be on the verge of collapse.EFFECT-The banks are not trusted very well because thought that they were going to collapse so the banks weren’t used as much.