Australia Between Wars Timeline

By spazbaz
  • Jazz Music

    Jazz Music is first played in Australia in Sydney
  • Period: to

    Australian Between the War

  • Australia gains control of New Guinea

    Australia gains Official control over New Guinea through Treaty of Versailles
  • Silent Film

    Silent film version of The Sentimental Bloke is released
  • Official formation of the Australian Country Party.

  • Publication of C.E.W. Bean’s Story of Anzac

  • American products such as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Life Savers become available in Australia

  • Recession in the steel industry leads BHP to close Newcastle steelworks for a year

  • Commencement of construction of Parliament House in Canberra

  • Sydney radio station 2FC begins broadcasting

  • Importation of electric refrigerators from the USA

  • Australia has 1250 picture theatres; most films screened are from the USA

  • Great Depression begins after a general period of recession

  • Australia and Britain are linked by radio telephone

  • Sacking of Jack Lang, NSW Premier

  • Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Donald Bradman and the Bodyline test Cricket series