Australia as a global Citizen

By suresh
  • U.N charter singed

    U.N charter signed. In the Herbst theater auditorium in San Fransico so nations sign the U.N charter.
  • End of WW2

    The official end of WW2 against Japan where rest of Europe surrender.
  • The charter ratified

    The charter was ratified
  • Australia joing U.N

    Australia join the United Nations

    In november 4 , 1945 charter establishing the United Nations Educational scientific and cultural organisation look effect after Greece became the 20th nations to ratifi it.
  • Dr Evatt

    he was elected as the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
  • Universal declaration

    The United Nations pass the universal declaration of Human rights.
  • Korean War

    The Start of the Korean War.
  • Signing UN convention

    Australia signing UN convention the Convertion on the Elimination of all forms of DIscrimination against the woman (CEDAW) is attached as a schedule to the sex discrimination
  • Australia signing a UN convention

    UN's milineum development goals.
    Australia sign the UN's Millenniun Development Goals that are going to achieve by 2015