Australia as a Global Citizen

  • australia's delegration

    Australia’s delegation to the meetings at the San Francisco conference formed to establish the UN man date and draw-up the character signed.
  • Period: to


  • End of WWII.

    End WWII.
  • united nations

    The United Nations (UN) officially came into being on 24 October 1945. The UN is officially born.
  • australia member of the UN

    Australia becomes a member of the UN.

    UNESCO come into faces .
  • president of the General Assembly

    Evatt becomes President of the General Assembly.
  • uneversal declaration

    Evatt president over the assembly that passes the Universal Declaration of Human rights.
  • korea

    the lorean war begins
  • convention

    Convention on the elements of all forms racial discrimination
  • convention

    Convention an elements of all forms of discrimination against women
  • australia

    (HINT: peacekeeping ) In 1999, Australia responded to the UN’s request for it to establish and lead.