• History of Australia

    First European to sail to Australia were the dutch(netherlands)in 1606,but,they didnot sail there .
    the dutch made one landing were attacked by Aborigines ,and then abandaoned European exploration.
  • European Exploration :British

    1770,Captin James Cook sailed around Austrlia.
    Cook named the new south wales.
    ignored the Aborigines living there and claimed the land for England.
    Sailers also mapped the Eastern Australia.
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    Prisioners as Colinists
    American Revolution forced the British to stop spending prisoners to Goregia(used as a penal colony at the time).
    Great Britan had to start looking for another place to spend its prisioners.
    Australia seemed like a good chice :no chance of escape:no colonies around it,and very few indigenous people lived there.
  • 1787

    1787-British ships called the "First FLeet"left England with convictsto establish a prison colony .
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    1788-British prisoners settled in Australia.
  • New South Wales

    1788 to 1832 -New South Wales was officaly a penal (prison) colony consitting mainly of convicts ,marines (guards) ,and the marines families.
  • prisoners

    from 1833,until the 1850s,it was the destination for the hardest of covicted.
    british and irish criminals ,these whoever secondary offenders having reoffening after their arrival in australia.
    in addition ,Port Auther had some of the strictest sercurity measures of the british penal system.
    Some tales suggest that prisoners commited murder ( an offence punishable by death) just to escape the desolation of life at the camp.The island of the dead was the destinatianfor all who died inside the camp
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    only 20 % of the first convicts were women
    British transported prisoners to Australia until 1868.
    By this time ,manyfree imigrants were settleing there.
    They built businessess,trading posts,farms etc.
  • common wealth

    common wealth of Australia established
    Melbourne served as national capital 'til Canberra was complete in 1927
  • Aborigenies

    Aborigenies went through stages by being condored through an invasion and taking land ,so in 1967 ,the federal government began to pass legislation to help the Aborigines.