• HM Bark Endeavour

    English Lieutenant James Cook's expedition in HM Bark Endeavour charts the eastern coast, and claims it for the British Crown. Australia dubbed "terra nullius"[5] i.e., according to the European legal precepts of the era, it was "owned" by no-one.
  • European Settlement

    • The British First Fleet, led by Governor Arthur Phillip arrives in New South Wales to found first European settlement and penal colony at Sydney. Colony includes "all the islands adjacent in the Pacific Ocean" and running westward to the 135th meridian east.[6] This claim included the islands of New Zealand, which were administered as part of New South Wales. (Jan 26, 1788)
  • Food Crisis

    • Beleaguered Second Fleet arrives. Colony gripped by food crisis.
  • NSW Established

    The Bank of NSW is established, eventually become known as WESTPAC
  • Gold Rush

    The gold rush begins near Bathurst in New South Wales
  • Aboriginese

    The first Aboriginal children are enrolled in public school in NSW, making a shift from previous missionary schooling.
    In a decade there will be 200 Aboriginal children in public schools in NSW
  • Commonwealth of Australia

    The Commonwealth of Australia becomes a reality
  • World War 1

    Australia Helped the British during World War 1
  • Sydney Harbor Bridge

    Sydney Harbour Bridge opens
  • Allies

    Became Allies with the United States