Austrailia From 1760 to 1901

By zoec5B
  • Australia found by Captain James Cook

    Australia found by Captain James Cook
    The English see Australian land for the first time
    Effect: The population of the white people grows much larger than the population of the aboriganal.
  • The First Fleet Depart From England

    The First Fleet Depart From England
    First Fleet depart, lead by Govener Arthur Philip
    Effect: A big change in technology, religon, thinking and in many other ways is coming to Australia
  • Artur Philip Raised the flag to claim Autrailia

    Artur Philip Raised the flag to claim Autrailia
    Australia is now (or so they think) 'owned' by the british
    Effect: They will start to discover, destroy and introduce new things.
  • British assume Aboriginies Have no claim to the land

    British assume Aboriginies Have no claim to the land
    The Brittish assume the native Eora have no claim at all to the land and that they are "Wandering People"
    Effect: Aboriganals are ignored and that may result in a fight.
  • Famine Strikes the Colony!

    Famine Strikes the Colony!
    Famine strikes the colony and nearly a quater die of starvation
    Effect: a less amount of people means more space, food, more trees surviving and less noise
  • Arthur Philip Returned to England due to ill health

    Arthur Philip Returned to England due to ill health
    Arthur Philip has returned to England.
    Effect: Austrailia has lost it`s first Govener and there will proberly be a riot amoung people who want to be the second.
  • Men Rule Over Women

    Men Rule Over Women
    In the colony of New South Wales men outnumber women from 20 to 1!
  • First Colonial Police Force

    The first police force is assembled in austrailia
    Effect: some law and order is introduced and will try to keep the convicts in line
  • Lots of white!

    There is an estimated 24000 white people in Australia
    Effect: The growing rate of white people will go up and only up resulting in more white people than aboriganals
  • Governer Arthur - Richest man in Australia

    Govener Arthur is the richest man in Austrailia so far.
    Effect: The richest man is also the most importaint man in Australia. That would show everyone who`s boss.
  • End of Transportation to Mainland Australia

    It is the end of transportation to mainland Australia. All convicts are to be now transported to Van Diemen`s Land (what we now call Tasmania)
    Effect: It will get crowded in Van Diemen`s Land and there will be no civilisation.
  • Gold Strike!

    Gold found near Bathust, NSW. The start of the gold rush has come!
    Effect: Gold means more people, more people mean more money, more money means more power.....
  • Eureka Stockade

    Eureka Stockade
    The famous Eureka Stockade (or rebellion) happens.
    Effect: 27 people die (6 policemen and 21 miners) and a lesson is learned
  • More people than Califonia!!!

    There are more people in Victoria than even California, its gold rush enemy!
    Effect: Australias population is growing and before long Australia will be bubbling with people!
  • First Aboriganal People Enrolled in School

    The first aboriganal children are enrolled in school
    Effect: Rights for aboriganals are made so that they can vote, enroll children and do what the white people do as well
  • Protecter of Aboriganals

    A protecter of aboriganals clan is developed.
    Effect: Aboriganals now have protection as well.
  • Period: to


    A wave of depression is in australia.
    Effect: sad people don`t want to work, so if they skip work they won`t have enogh people to build, or whatever job they do
  • End of colonial period

    End of colonial period
    Australia is at last free from the colonial period.
    Effect: people finaly free to roam around, have any job they want and do much, much more!