Audtralian Federation

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  • the first conference

    The first recorded suggestion that Australia should become a Federation was in 1846. Seventeen years later, in 1863, the first of 83 Intercolonial conferences was held in Melbourne.
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    australian feduration

  • australia was not a nation

    before 1901 australia wasnt a that time, the content was consisted of six british collonies which were partly self governing.but subject to the law making power of the british parliment, each colony had its own laws and goverment. including its own postage stamps railway system and taxes. this caused alot of problems and people began to think about the benifits of uniting of one nation, under a federal system of goverments.
  • comenwealth rules

    in the 1890's to develop a constitution for the comenwealth. sir henry parks, premier of new south wales, was instrumentil in this prosess. fiji and newzealand were originaly part of this prosess but they decided not to join the federation.
  • developement of the australian flag

    in the year 1900 the Colonial Office in London invited the attention of the Governor-General Designate to the necessity of a Commonwealth flag to show the new Australian nation to comply with the provisions of legislation governing colonial naval forces
  • when the self governing collernies split

    on the 1 of janurary 1901, the conelies collectively became states of the comenwealth of australian.
  • ceromony was held

    When the Commonwealth of Australia was declared on 1 January 1901, a ceremony was held in Centennial Park in Sydney. The first Governor-General, Lord Hopetoun, was the first Prime Ministe
  • the first states of australia

    The colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia,Tasmania united and became states of Australia, known as the Commonwealth of Australia. Western Australia was not a party to the initial agreement but also agreed to join the federation before 1 January 1901
  • the first elections

    The first federal elections for the new Parliament were held on 29 and 30 March 1901. The first Parliament was held in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. It was officially opened by the Duke of Cornwall and York Cornwall
  • opening of the first parliment

    the first parliment was opened by the duke of york in the exhibition building, melbourne, on 9th of may, 1901
  • astablishment of the two territories

    In the year 1901, the two territories did not exist. The Constitution provided for the establishment of a national capital, to be located in New South Wales but at least 100 miles from Sydney. In the year 1911, the Australian Government created the Australian Capital Territory for this purpose. In the same year, the Northern Territory was also created. Until then, this area had been apart of South Australia.
  • when feduration was coming togeather

    Federation was the coming together in 1901 of the six separate Australian colonies to form what is now the Commonwealth of Australia. It occurred for many reasons including, to unite the defence of Australia; to make uniform bank laws; taxes ( tariffs ) resulting in better trade and communication between states
  • why australia made feduration

    One of the key reasons for Federation was to unite Australia's defence. Each individual state's defence force was not strong enough to protect Australia's vast coastline from attack. It therefore made good sense to unite the defence under one command
  • australians federal system

    the new states united within the Commonwealth. Power was to be shared between the federal Parliament and state parliaments. The federal Parliament would make laws about national matters, such as defence, immigration, trade and the environment
  • about the ceromony

    The opening ceremony was large and elaborate and further celebrations were held.
  • the power and managment

    The power to make and manage federal law would be divided between the Parliament (who would make the law), the Executive (who would put the law into action) and the Judiciary (who would make judgements about the law).
  • the states

    Today Australia is one country or nation, which is divided into six separate states and two territories. WhileAustralia's official head of state is the British monarch, Australia now has its own parliaments and is basically an independent nation. This has only been the case since Federation in 1901
  • the colonies

    the colonies became more established throughout the 19th century they began to develop stronger trade relations with each other. As telegraph lines and railway networks spread from border to border,
  • the states australia got features from

    The Australian federal system took some of its features from the British Parliament from the United States system of governance
  • parliment house australia

    parliment house is the meeting facility of the parliment of australia located in canberra, the capital of australia. the building was desighned by mitchell/giurgola achitechs and opened on the 9th of may, 1988 by Elizabeth the 2. the building costed more than 1.1 billion dollars and it was the most exspensive building at that time. the building was completed in 1988.
  • american flag foundation

    The American Flag Foundation, Inc. (formerly known as the National Flag Day Foundation) was chartered in 1982
  • the australian national anthem

    The Australian National Anthem was proclaimed in the year 1984 it identifies Australia at home and overseas. It unites
    the nation and is a public expression of joy and pride.
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    austalian federationn