Audio/ Radio

  • Radio Invented

    Marconi was the first man to take credit for sending the first radio signal. It is questionable that he was the first to actually do it, it might have been just really good Public Relations.
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    Lee Deforest is credited with creating the audion tube. It was basically a vacuum tube that amplified signals. This was important for the evolution of radio because it allowed the signals to eventually be projected farther than without it.
  • Pioneer Station 8XK

    Pioneer Station 8XK
    Frank Conrad created this station, known as the pioneer broadcastiing station because it was the first official station. It was later renamed KDKA, and still broadcasts today out of pittsburg, Pennslyvania.
  • Uncle charlies

    Uncle charlies
    Uncle charlies were basically personal radio stations. It made it to where if you had enough money and the right equipmant you could run a radio station out of your basement.
  • First Radio Advertisement

    First Radio Advertisement
    The station WEAF aired a ten minute advertisement for an apartment complex. They earned $50 off of that and became known for the first toll broadcast or advertisement of their time.
  • Federal Radio Commisions

    Federal Radio Commisions
    The FCR was established because the uncle charlie's of the radio industry were taking away from the stations that were trying to advertise things. So the people who were paying for their commercials to be on the radio made things fair.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    In the 30's 40's the radio became very popular because there was a war and the great depression going on. It basically served as a relaxing thing to do without having to worry about your money stuff. It also served as a happy family medium activity.
  • Famous Shows of the Golden Era

    Famous Shows of the Golden Era
    Some famous shows on radio that aired are Amos n Andy, Superman, Gunsmoke, Our Miss Brooks, The Shadow. Also the original Million dollar Question was aired on the radio but it was called $64 dollar question.
  • Downfall of Radio

    Downfall of Radio
    In the late 1930's TV started making an apperance in the world. Advertisers would much rather show people their proje t than just tell them about it, so radios started losing money.
  • Radio Saves Itself

    Radio Saves Itself
    After the TV came out they decided to stop doing shows and focus mainly on music. This was a good alternative because normally people could only listen to music at live concerts, on the jukebox, or on records.
  • Radio's Progression

    Major Edwin Armstrong invented the FM transmitter. It caused people to have to buy the newer one, but it had stronger signal and a higher quality sound.
  • Micheal Jackson Died

    Micheal Jackson died from a overdose. Many people were sad that he died. He had a huge funeral and a movie about his musicla career came out shortly after his death.
  • Fall Out Boy Gets back together

    Fall Out Boy Gets back together
    Early 2013 Fall out Boy regrouped after breaking up. They released their song 'Light em up" to best represent their new album. Many people, myself included, were happy about the band coming back together.
  • Lil Wayne had a Seizure

    Lil Wayne had a Seizure
    After partying to hard and drinking a codeine and promethazine syrup mixture lil wayne had a seizure and sent his fans into a frenzy. after spending 6 days in the hospital he vowed to cut down on the partying and start focusing more on his music.
  • Radio VS Today's Tech

    Radio VS Today's Tech
    Radio is still competing with todays technology. Things lik Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube alll can play music without as many commercials, etc, making them a competitor of the radio industry.