Asa Nelson

By ace9615
  • Dad was born

    Dad was born
    On this day my dad was born. If he wasnt born the the rest of the timeline wouldnt exist. Its a pretty important date.
  • Mom was born

    Mom was born
    Mom was born on this date. Its also pretty important becuase without her I also wouldnt be here. She was born in Iowa.
  • Birthday

    It was a cold dark stormy night when the cutest little baby was bad thats not my birthday.
  • Scotts Birthday

    Scotts Birthday
    On this unfortunate day a "special" boy was born. He has problems but its alright. But what he doesnt know is that he was an acident.
  • Asa was born.

    Asa was born.
    On this day Asa James was cut out of his mother. He was born in marshall hospital at 3:30 in the afternoon.
  • Asa's First Birthday

    Asa's First Birthday
    Asa James Nelson The most awesomest kid(Asa James Nelson) turned 1 on this day!!!!
  • Jessies Birthday

    Jessies Birthday
    My little sister jessie was born on this day she is one grade younger than me. She was a chubby litlle baby.
  • bike

    Today asa learned how to ride a bike. he could ride in circles but he couldnt ride in a straight.
  • Golden Birthday

    Golden Birthday
    GoldenAsa James Nelson turned 5 years old on this day. He had a big birthday party and got lots of presents.
  • Twin Towers

    Twin Towers
    9/11On this day two planes crashed into the twin towers. About 3000 people died on that day. I found out after I got an Ice cream cone I came back to my moms shop and it was the news. I was little but it still reallly made me sad.
  • Tony's birthday

    Tony's birthday
    My little brother who is in 2nd grade now was born on this day. I was in first grade when he was born. He's the biggest in his class.
  • Silver bithday

    Silver bithday
    Silver BirhdayOn this day Asa turned 10 years old. He went to the bowling alley in Tracy for his birthday party. He and his family ate pizza and bowled for 2 hours.
  • State archery

    State archery
    State shootOn this day asa won the state archery shoot in his class. There was only six people but it was really good competition.
    He enjoyed it alot!
  • Permit

    Asa got his permitt on october 7. He didnt even drive that day :p He is going to take behind the wheel in the spring of 2012
  • Archery Leuge

    Archery Leuge
    Archery league started, Asa went with his uncle Todd. Riley Steffes came along too to shoot. He shot a 240 out of 360 He was pretty happy with himself.