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Anuraag’s educational journey

  • Vidya Sagar Preschool

    Vidya Sagar Preschool
    I attended preschool from ages 3-5 I remember it was about a 7-10 minute ride from my house. I always used to force my grandfather to ride me to preschool on his motorcycle. I remember we used to celebrate many festivals in our school with plays, dressing up as our favourite characters and decorating the school. One of the most memorable events in my preschool was when the teachers turned the school storeroom into a haunted house, and it was scary as a child even though I was a fan of horror.
  • Vidya Shilp

    Vidya Shilp
    I studied in Vidya Sagar from ages 5-6 it was a 30-minute ride from our house. I remember we used to learn basic addition and subtraction, if we got every question right we used to get a sticker of a star and I remember I always used to keep it for the whole day and show it off to my friends my parents always used to praise me when I got a star even though I used to get them every day. My mom used to get me orange juice in a little blue bottle since I had typhoid as a child.
  • Canadian International School

    Canadian International School
    I remember when I first moved into this school I was so excited after seeing the basketball and football field. I remember I was terrible at math and English before joining CIS. They gave me a test to make sure I could join the school and I didn't ace it, but I can say I did well even though I barely knew how to spell bottle. I was pretty sad leaving my friends and joining a different school because I'll probably never meet them again and that is exactly what happened when I left🥲🥲.
  • Second grade

    Second grade
    Second grade was awesome and, no ,this is not an exaggeration.My homeroom teacher’s name was Miss Roca and she was fun to be around . I remember we watched a video about different types of “pee” colours just because a group was doing a project and they had to figure out where the human waste goes in an aeroplane. I met my best friend OIiver . I remember I asked him if he could be my friend to which he replied a yes and rest is history.My friend group was kind of the trouble makers in class .
  • Third grade

    Third grade
    Third grade was a bit boring as none of my friends were in my section but I managed to make new friends in class so that I didn’t have to wait till recess to meet my friends.My homeroom teacher’ name was Miss Katie.I remember COVID 19 started towards the end of third grade and it was the worst . I recall we had online zoom classes where we later had to submit our work in zoom itself .You hear me right not Google or toddle but zoom.Our school split us up into smaller sections based on Spelling.
  • Fourth grade

    Fourth grade
    Fourth grade was also awful with no offline classes. I was devastated because I could not meet my friends on a regular basis. My homeroom teacher’s name was Miss Suparna and she used to question me about my absence in office hours every Wednesday,even though I didn’t have any questions to attend office hours . I recall that I thought we were only supposed to submit one assignment every day but when miss questioned me about my missing assignments I was shocked which was followed by scoldings😢.
  • Fifth grade

    Fifth grade
    Ahh yes, with the grade.Honestly the best grade until now. The most enjoyable thing in fifth grade was a project called mini society which lasted for about 2 months. Everyone had to create a business or be in it and sell their special homemade product for a currency called golden wolves. My business was blooming, I used to sell Pokemon cards and anime merchandise. I also had curated stationery and origami. My friends at that time were Oliver, Rayansh, Saksham and Pratith.We used to play games.
  • Sixth grade ( Ongoing )

    Sixth grade ( Ongoing )
    Sixth grade is fantabulous. It was horrendous in the beginning with no recess, shorter lunch breaks and extended class hours. Now I am used to it and I even feel that longer class hours are necessary for better learning. Even with a short lunch break we manage to play basketball or football each day. Most of us even skip our lunches to play. My favourite class is probably drama. The most memorable thing I did in the drama was creating a play with my group about sports which we had to perform.