Anne Frank: Diary Adventure

  • Anne

    This was the date a rememberable Jew was born. Her name was Anne Frank.
  • Period: to

    Anne Frank: Diary Adventure

  • Chacellor of Germany

    Chacellor of Germany
    On this date, Hitler became chancellor of Germany. The first ant-jewish laws are established. This is when the Frank's decided to go into hiding. They chose the Netherlands.
  • Netherlands

    Hitler decided to invade the Netherlands. One of the purposes of the German invasion of the Netherlands was to draw away attention from operations in the Ardennes.
  • Anne's Special Day

    Anne's Special Day
    This day was Anne's birthday. (again) She recieved her diary this day.
  • Deportation

    Margot (Anne's SIster) recieves a letter explaining her deportation to a forced labor camp. This is when the Frank's decided to first go into hiding.
  • Joining

    The van Pel's were very close to the Franks. Since the German's were sending letter's left and right, the van Pel's decided to come early. They were originally suppose to arrive on the 14th.
  • Joining (Again)

    Joining (Again)
    Fritz Pfeffer was the 8th and final resident to join the Frank's. Fritz had been familiar with the Frank's because he had been the family dentist for years.
  • Betrayal

    This was the tragic date the the Frank's had been found! THey were taken to the police station and arrested in Amsterdam. THey were taken to Westerbork transit camp.
  • Road to Auschwitz

    Road to Auschwitz
    The 8 residents are taken in a sealed carrle car to Auschwitzs. The men were separated from the women.
  • Bergen-Belson

    Anne Margot, and Mrs. van Pel's enter Bergen-Belson. Edith F. remained in women's sup-camp at Auschwitz.
  • Liberated

    Otto Frank had been liberated from Auschwitz. He was then taken to Odessa then France before he can go back to Amsterdam.
  • Death

    Anne Frank died on this day. Her sister died just a few day's after.
  • Arrival

    Otto Frank arrived and met up with the Mieps. He found out that his wife died but didn't know about daughters yet. He still had hope.
  • Beginning of the Diary

    Otto recieves the letter of the deaths of his daughters at Bergen-Belson. Miep had discovered the diary and gave it to Otto.
  • A New Beginning

    The first 1,500 copies were sold in Amsterdam. A short time later the Diary was known all around the world.