Anne Frank By Sarah Teater

  • Born

    Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany to Otto and Edith Frank. She was named Annelies Marie Frank and had an older sister named Margot. She was very disobedient and cried a lot as a child.
  • "Chancellor" Hitler

    "Chancellor" Hitler
    Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He almost immediately began putting new anti-Jewish laws into effect across Germany.His reign was ruthless and cruel.
  • Separated Students

    Separated Students
    The law against Jews and non-Jews learning together in school was passed by "Chancellor" Hitler on April 25, 1933. Anne was sad to be separated from her classmates beccause she was so social. Anne's parents were not happy about this either.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    Hitler passed a series of laws in 1935 called the Nuremberg laws. These were the first to ban Jewish people from being German citizens. Jews were not even allowed to marry non-Jews because it would "dilute" the German blood.
  • The Nazi Olympics

    The Nazi Olympics
    In 1936, the summer Olympics were hosted in Nazi Germany, in Berlin. Many people feared for the safety of our African-American athletes,due to Hitlers hostility to anyone without Aryan (pure German) blood. Many countries did not even compete in protest.
  • Behind the Bookcase

    Behind the Bookcase
    In all, there were eight people hiding behind a bookcase door in the secret annex. Mr. Pfeffer, the dentist, the three van Pelses, and the four Franks. They hid there for two whole years.
  • Playful Prison

    Playful Prison
    Anne Frank managed to keep happy even as she hid in the annex behind the house. She would dress up in other peoples clothes for a laugh, or she would write and read stories to everyone. She even compared being in hiding to being in a strange hotel.
  • Miep Gies

    Miep Gies
    Miep Gies was one of the helpers that hid the Franks, the van Pelses, and Mr. Pfeffer. She worked in the office in front of the secret annex as a secretary. Miep's job was to supply vegetables for the hidden people.
  • Otto Frank

    Otto Frank
    Otto Frank was where Anne got her personality and kind heart. Once, in Westerbork, when Anne got sick, he came from the men's barracks every single day to tell her stories. He always had a story to tell and if he didn't he just made one up.
  • Edith Frank

    Edith Frank
    Anne's Mom was a very big influence on her, even though they got into fights when she was small. They were together until Anne and her sister where moved from Auschwitz.She would slip Anne extra food and drink whenever she could.
  • The Terror of Auschwitz

    The Terror of Auschwitz
    Anne survived Auschwitz, even though she was young and thus more likely to be picked for the gassing selections each week. Even out of the 1,300,000 peolpe to pass through Auschwitz, only 190,000 left alive. Anne caught a disease where lice gets under your skin, called scabies.
  • Death

    Anne died in early March, but nobody really knows what day it was. She died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She died thinking all of her family members were dead when in fact her Father was still out looking for her.