Anne Frank

  • The Time of Anne Frank's Birth

    Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father was Otto her mother was Edith, and she had one sister named Margot.
  • Hitler's Rise to Power

    Nazi party leader, Adolf Hitler becomes head of government of Germany, opening the first concentration camp by the Nazis in Dachau, Germany, also passing their anti-Jewish law, banning public employment of Jews. The Franks decide t leave Germany to avoid/escape Nazi persecution. The family stays with relatives in Aachen, Germany while Mr. Frank looks for a new home in Amsterdam.
  • Alliance

  • Germany Going to Further Extents

    The German army invades and annexes Austria on March 12-13, September 29; The Munich Agreement, granting Germany the right to annex part of Czechslovakia, drafted and signed by representatives of France, Great Britain, Italy, and Germany. December 8; A friend; Albert Dussel, her name acually Fritz Pfeffer, flees Germany for the Netherlands.
  • Germany Is Rising More and More

    In March, Germany invades and occupies most of Czechslovakia, then on September first, Invades Poland; World War II begins. Two days later, France and Great Britain declare war on Germany.
  • Final Solution

    In January, the "Final Solution" is secretly announced in a conference at Nazi officials, Europe's Jews are to be 'exterminated' or murdered. Construction of more of the death camps begins in Poland now and millions of people (Jews and non-Jews) will die in these camps. On June twelth, Anne receives a diary for her thirteenth birthday. July sixth, The Frank Family goes into hiding after Margot recieves an order to a labor camp in Germany. One week later, The Van Pels family joins them in hiding.
  • D-Day

    August fourth, Nazi police raid Secret Annex, the occupants are sent to concentration camps. September: Mr. Van Pels dies in Auschwitz, December: Fritz Pfeffer dies in Neuengamme, June : Dday, allied forces land in Normandy in northern France, launch an invasion of western Europe.
  • End of War

    Anne's mother dies (Edith Frank) in Auschwitz. Otto Frank is freed three weeks later when Auschwitz is liberated by the Soviet army. Anne & Margot die in Bergen-Belsen a few weeks before British soldiers liberate the camp. Peter Van Pels dies Mauthausen Mrs. Van Pels dies in Theresienstadt. May eighth: The war in Europe ends with Germany's surrender to the Allies. September second: Japan surrenders afte
  • Discovered Diary

    Anne's diary, Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl is pubished in Amsterdam
  • Now in the United States

    June 16: Anne's diary is published in the United States.
  • AFF

    May third: Otto Frank and others start Anne Frank Foundation
  • Sues For Inaccurate Statement

    Otto Franks ues former Hitler youth member, Lothar Stielau, for publsihing a school paper, stating that Anne Frank's diary is a forgery.