Anne frank

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  • Got married

    Got married
    Otto Frank and Edith Hollander were married in 1925.
  • Born

    Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Nazis

    When Anne was almost 4 years old, the Nazis had almost complete power in Germany.
  • Political Rights

    Political Rights
    Germany took all political rights from the Jewish citizens
  • No school

    No school
    All Jewish students were ordered out of German schools by the Nazis.
  • Exodus of Jews

    By Nov. 1939, half of the Jews who lived in Germany had left.
  • More land

    When Anne Frank was 10 years old,Hitler took direct action to obtain more land!!
  • Stars of david.

    Stars of david.
    All Jews had to wear a Star of David on there cloth for the Nazis to spot them,.
  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
    When Anne turned 13 her father Otto gave her, her world famous dairy!!!
  • No Place to Run

    Anne's parents were thinking of hiding themselves and their children from the Nazis; and so they did.
  • Moving into Hiding

    Moving into Hiding
    Anne's family put on heaps of clothes to hide from the Nazis and move to a different house called the Annex.
  • the final solution

    The Nazis had decided on a solution that they would murder every Jew.
  • Hope arrives

    Hope arrives
    News came that American, British,and other allied forces had landed in France to fight the Nazis.
  • caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miep, Anne's sister, went down stairs from hiding and she saw a Nazi soldier pointing a gun at her!!! They got caught.
  • Torn apart

    Anne and Margret were separated from their mother and sent to a concentration camp where they endured torture and prison.
  • R.I.P

    Edith, Anne's mother, slowly lost her mind and died. Sadly, Dr. Dussel died in a concentration camp.
  • Died

    Anne Frank, and her sister Margot, both died of a diseases.
  • Hitler is Defeated

    Germans started to surrender in the spring of 1945. Jews began to return to the Neverlands!!
  • Diary

    Anne Frank' s Diary was published for the first time!
  • Movie

    A movie about Anne Frank's life was made in 1955.
  • The Attic

    The Attic
    Now the Attic of Anne Frank is a museum!!