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Anna Eberly

  • Birth and childhood

    Birth and childhood
    Born in Frankfurt, Germany.
    I am born into poor family and have worked since age five. My parents work hard and get no where. Growing up is hard, but I still have hope for a better life. In such a beautiful countrry I'm sure life will get better.
  • Heading to America

    Heading to America
    I'm sick of being poor, so I decide it's time for a change. I go into a bank, pull a gun, round up everyone, lock them in the vault, steal all the money I can possibly hold, and then start the bank on fire. The cops then are everywhere looking for me because everyone in the bank is dead and most the money is gone. Before everyone knows a bank has been robbed, I jump on a boat headed for America. I was headed for a new life, a new identity. This is the event that started it all.
  • Ellis Island

     Ellis Island
    I finally arrive at Ellis island, it was a cramped and stressful trip. I couldn't stop worrying about someone recognizing me. Thankfully most people were out of town or didn't care about the town's news because they were leaving. I asked around and no one seemed to know anything about a bank robbery that killed many. So far so good.
  • Housing and a job

    Housing and a job
    I have meet all the requirements, got a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, and I now live in a tenement. The housing is awful, I had originally moved in to a room that had 5 families in it. After a meeting with the owner, I got a room to myself. I still have to share a restroom and put up with the smell, but it is better than my old life.
  • White Duck

    White Duck
    I watch as the "white ducks" clean the streets with their leader just riding a horse in front of them. I find this maddening and so I decide on my birthday I will help my new community. I load my gun, wait, and fire. Bam, he falls off his horse dead. Now the workers may continue cleaning without some one in their way.
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
    My boss and co workers have really gotten on my nerve, so today I decided it's time that they know just how much I dislike them and the way they have been treating me. I walk in smoking like everyone else, but unlike everyone I throw it into the trash can that is full of flammable thrash. Then I walk out without saying a word to anyone. There is no way that any one could ever possibly trace the fire back to me. Now I must move on and find a new job.
  • New job

    New job
    I've gotten a job at the meat packing industry. It's a good job, I get paid and sometimes free meat. Eventually, I'll commit another major crime and have to move, but for now I'm content, for now…………..
  • Meat grinder and boss...........

    Meat grinder and boss...........
    I asked for the day off today and my boss told me no, so he somehow ended up in the meat grinder after being shot to death. No one knows who killed him, but if they figure out I did, I'll already be long gone. Now I'm off to a new country to wreak havoc.
  • Going back

    Going back
    I've decided to go back to America. I'm boarding the Titanic now and watching crowd that has gathered to see the Titanic off. I go to my room and unpack what few belongs I've brought, then I explore the magnificent ship. There are a few people that were rude to me, but after a small chat they left me alone. Now I'm on the deck admiring the sea, glad to be moving once again.
  • Titanic

    Death has come for all. An opponent not even I can beat, I'll try to dodge it, but if I can't I will die, always fighting. Fighting humanity, people, and death. Luckily, I was outside watching when the ship struck an ice berg. I quickly ran for a lifeboat. When I found one I wasted no time in getting in it and I was one of the few to survive. I have escaped death to day, but one day it will come and there will be no dodging it.