Alvin's Life

By alvpar1
  • Alvin was born

    Alvin was born
    Alvin was born in Lutherin General Hospital about 12 o'clock in the morning.
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    Alvin's Life

    Major Events in Alvin's Life.
  • FIrst Day of School

    FIrst Day of School
    Alvin went to school for the very first time at Culver Elementary School.
  • Trip to the Philippines

    Trip to the Philippines
    Alvin went to the Phillipines for his grandmother's Anniversary.
  • Elementary School's Graduation Day

    Elementary School's Graduation Day
    Alvin graduated Elementary school!
  • Alvin Passing Biology

    Alvin Passing Biology
    Alvin passed Biology, the hardest class in Freshman year
  • Pass Western Civilization

    Pass Western Civilization
    Western Civilization is as class at Niles West where you learn about Western Civilization.
  • ACTS

    Alvin does his ACTS and he has studied for the tests as long as possible.
  • Graduating High School

    Graduating High School
    Alvin finally passed the fast 4 years of high school.
  • First Day of College

    First Day of College
    Being in school for 12 long, hard years to get there.
  • Alvin Gets a New Friend

    Alvin Gets a New Friend
    Alvin has been in college for 2 months and he finally gets a friend.
  • Christmas With Family

    Christmas With Family
    Family is part of Alvin and he couldn't wait to see his family after those few months.
  • Graduating From College

    Graduating From College
    Alvin's been in College for 6 years. Now its time to graduate.
  • Alvin Gets married

    Alvin Gets married
    Alvin gets married to the girl he loves.
  • Alvin Gets a Job

    Alvin Gets a Job
    A year after College Alvin finally gets a job.
  • Alvin Buys a New House

    Alvin Buys a New House
    He buys a house at a suburb in Chicago.
  • Alvin Gets his Brand New Car

    Alvin Gets his Brand New Car
    Alvin has been working for 3 years and has been saving money for a new car, and he finally gets it.
  • Alvin has a baby.

    Alvin has a baby.
    Alvin's wife gives birth to a brand new baby son name Rodger.
  • Its a Girl

    Its a Girl
    Alvin gets a healthy baby girl named Sasha!
  • Alvinn loses his job!

    Alvinn loses his job!
    Alvin getts laid off from his job because his job isn't having the money they need to, to pay him.
  • Alvin finds a new Job

    Alvin finds a new Job
    After months of searching he found a new job.
  • Alvin goes to Tokyo

    Alvin goes to Tokyo
    Alvin goes to Tokyo for a Family Crisis.
  • Alvin goes to Spain

    Alvin goes to Spain
    Alvin goes to Spain for a Family trip.
  • Alvin Retires

    Alvin Retires
    Alvin retires from his job at the age of 65.
  • Alvin goes to France

    Alvin goes to France
    With Alvin done working he can do things he really wanted to do.
  • Alvin dies

    Alvin dies
    Alvin dies as the age of 87.