All About Me

By Erik_pp
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born at 3:40pm in Victoria, BC. I was 6 lbs 6 oz.
  • Diagnoised with kidney disease

    Diagnoised with kidney disease
    I was diagnoised with kidney disease a few months after I was born
  • My first Steps

    My first Steps
    I took my first steps towards the tv. I was walking towards the Teletubbies.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I went to Kindergarten in Kitchener School in Burnaby, BC
  • Mom and Dad officially divorced

    Mom and Dad officially divorced
    This is when my parents got divorced.
  • Shadow running away

    Shadow running away
    Shadow was out at who was part siamese. He liked to travel everywhere outside but one day he never came back home
  • Hole in lip

    Hole in lip
    I was playing a gasme on my mom's phone and I fell in to a table and cut a hole in my lip and went to the hospital and got stitches and some sort of medial glue.
  • Tevin dying of leukemia

    Tevin dying of leukemia
    I don't really know what happend. Tevin was getting better and then he started to get worse again. My mom visited him the night he died. He was my best friend. He passed away at about 10:25pm
  • Low potassium

    Low potassium
    I couldn't eat for two days and missed my birthday party at my dads. When I went to my moms I was still weak so mom took me to the hospital and I had really low potassium and had to stay over night.
  • Got my PSP

    Got my PSP
    I got my PSP as an early birthday present from my mom and my sister. They played a joke on me and gave me the wires for it first and told me they thought \i had one already. I pretended to be ok not getting one but I was sad. Then they gave it to me
  • Move to Victoria

    Move to Victoria
    We finally got to move to Victoria where we got to take turns staying at my Aunts houses