Ali's Timeline.

By aabsi
  • king abdoulah and abdoul aziz bin saud.

    king abdoulah and abdoul aziz bin saud.
    Saudi Arabia was found by abdoul aziz bin saud but after a few years past on he died so i think king abdoulah led Riyadh after him.
  • Thomas mcguane was born

    Thomas mcguane was born
    Thomas mcguane was a US writer.
  • Karen Susman was born

    Karen Susman was born
    Karen was a tennis pro.
  • when i moved to a new house

    when i was 1 years old i use to live in a compound but when i was 3 i went to ...A big nice house i stayed in that house from kg-2 until grade 4 and in grade 5 i am going to go to an awesomer house
  • When Ali was born and his family

    Ali was born in 2003 Aug 30 all the way until now 2012 I use to have 2 brothers and 2 sisters but they died and the last one (BEFORE ME) is alive but now he went to university so i am the only child in the house.
  • when my mom brought me a cute kitten

    once i came out of my friends house i saw a cat laying on my leg so i said to my mom "can i have it' so my mom said ''no it is durty'' so after a few weeks my mom went to lebanon and asked what are you going to buy me so she said it 's a surprise so after she came i hugged her and.....Saw a cute white fluffy kitten so i thanked my mom and dad and went to take out the kitten so i saw ...One eye thats blue and the other one green.
  • when i came to AIS~R

    when i was 5 years old i went to a school called aisr it looked so so so nice.i was in kg-2 i was shoked it had a soccer field 2 basket ball corts a garden and 3 play grounds it is so so so so beutiful.
  • my best summer EVER!!!!!

    one time when i finished 3rd grade i was so .............BORED!!!so after a few days (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) the door knocked KNOCK KNOCK!!! so i went out side and BAM my cousin came screaming so after that my other 2 cousins came my oncle and his wife came and went to drink water so i gave them the presents and we grooved and moved.
  • when the ipad mini came to life

    when the ipad mini came to life
    the ipad mini was realeased in 2012 october 16 it is so much easyer to cary it is so light and the size of it is half of the big ipads
  • when the presedent of syria was born

    when the presedent of syria was born
    born in 11 september 1965.This presedent was the best (every body thought that) but what i know is that israeel came and began war so thay tried to throw people from windows and bad stuff.
  • when my brother was born

    my brother was born in 1994 february 2 or 7.His name is Aboudi (we name him that) His real name is Abdoulahtif (in the name of my grandfather)
  • when i saw cute puppies awwww!!!!

    there was a friend that had 2 big puppies so after a few years the female dog made 7 or maybe 6 puppies so when they were big inough i went to his house and played with the puppies so i said to my mom"I WILL NEVER GET OUT OF HERE!!!!
  • obama

    in 1961 aougest 4 obama was born.he is the 44th presedent
  • syria

    syria was a nice place calm and beutiful until one day kaboom wor and killing and fighting do you want to stop this ???