alex phaneuf-1996-2012

  • i was bourn

    i was bourn in 100 mile house
  • my parents split up

    my parents split up when i was 3 years old
  • i started french emershion

    this made learning english harder and i had to re learn the sounds of each letter
  • my grama passed away

    this changed alot of things in my family
  • me and my mom moved to vancouver

    this seperated me from a bunch of my family and was introduced to a lot of difrent culters
  • i learnt how to read and write english

    i was taught how to pronounce all the letters and a bunch of words i was very good at french and could count to a hundred and do the alphebet in french
  • i went to costa rica

    i traveled to costa rica and stayed there for a month with my mom and learnt how to get milk from a cocanut
  • i traveled to india

    me and my mom worked at an orphanage for two weeks and got to knock mangos out of trees and stayed there for two months
  • drove across canada

    me and my mom drove across canada from coast to coast in a little car that was just big enough to fit all our stuff
  • i moved to williams lake

    i moved to williams lake to be able to spend more time with my dad which was an very big change in alot of ways
  • i placed 5 in bc for biathalon