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alec's time toast

  • internet safety

    internet safety
    we learned about internet saftey and the risk's that might happen and how to avoid them
  • avatar creator

    avatar creator
    we learned how to create our own avatar it's very fun you can pick from many kinds of forms its very cool.
  • powerpoint for safety

    powerpoint for safety
    power points show us and tells us about the safety to be safe on the internet
  • wordle

    wordle crazy words that you can change to make even biger
  • Glogster

    why blog when you can with glogster the coolest gloging site ever
  • animoto

    craete cool videos use music,picture,word and boxes
  • i google

    i google
    you can add different back rounds,you can search what you need,you can add cool things
  • google docs

    google docs
    you can create lots of documents
  • logos the turtle

    logos the turtle
    type in a code and then it will go left then right and up
  • Robot c

    Robot c
    move robot c to certant places to get to your disired location
  • web 2.0

    web 2.0
    web 2.0 get to certain sites like bitstrips
  • time toast

    time toast
    time toast to remember the times