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  • Texas The State

    There was no sertain date when Mexeio won the battle againest Spain. Mexio was happy with rhww U.S settles in Texas. They liked them becuase they could protect their land. The U.S settlers liked it there too because the cheap land and new lives.
  • Making Another State

    In the summer of 1821 Stephen Austin rode his horse in spanish Texas he was looking for land. He liked what he was seeing. Then he built a settlement inbotween Coloeado and the Brazos. The USA had been together for not even 50 years yet.
  • Boom Boom

    Boom Boom
    The alamo walls were shooken the when the cannons fired. Many men got desperate as the Mexicans acdanceed in the battle. Many were expected not to be alive when they came out of the room.
  • The other side Spain

    When general Santa Anna's amry was not inside the walls, but outside of the walls. They flew a red flag. That meant that the geranl would show no mercy to Texas. But Texas was determined to win fredom for Texas. For Texas they would fight until death.