(AK) The Battle of the Labyrinth-Rick Riordan-Fiction-361

By 1049647
  • Ch. 1

    Percy Jackson goes to a new school. He accidentaly blows it up Read from 1-32 total pages 32
  • The Battle of the Labyrinth Ch. 5

    Percy and Annabeth find the labyrinth. Annabeth is gonna lead a quest down there.
  • The Battle of the Labyrinth Ch 7

    Annabeth, Grover, Tyson, and Percy travel into the labyrinth and begin their quest to find Dionysus's workshop before Lukes army does!
  • Ch 12 page 200

    Annabeth answered riddeles from a shynix and almost get herself, and the rest of them killed.
  • Ch 13, page 230

    Everyone thought Percy was dead, and then he came back, everyone is happy, and now he knows how to get through the labyrinth.
  • CH. 14, PAGE 250

    Percy has a dream about Minos dieing and Deadalus getting way from him.
  • Ch 10

    Percy has a dream about Dionysus and his son escaping the labyrinth.
  • ch 13, page 225

    Percy fight young monsters and gets saved by a title wave and a girl named Calypso.

    Quintis ended up bein Deadalus, and Nico gave him death. After he died, the Labyrinth wen with him. Grover found Pan. And the camp fought part of Kronos's army, and Grover made a noise that made them all go into the Labyrinth again.