Adventures with Google Sites

By aletaV
  • My First Encounter with Google Sites

    This is the first time I witnessed Diego Maranan did this and that and whalah!
  • The Progressive Practice

    The Progressive Practice An attempt to start an online collaboration with fellow Progressive School Leaders. It seems that everyone got busy. An Offline collaboration worked for us instead as we organized ourselves as Timplakasan=Interschool Sports event and lately a sharing of school approaches and practices through summer and midyear consultations and workshops to learn together.
  • UPOU Social Studies Program Site

    UPOU Social Studies Program@GoogleThis is a site I put up in support of the MAEd Social Studies and the Program Chair then. I included here some plans for the program but was in no position to push the agenda just yet. What came out of this is a Program Review of MAEd SSE with Dean Teret and Prof Zarate. We hope to make the necessary changes happen come November 2011.
  • AA Matters....At Your Service

    AA Matters=Associate in Arts Program Site At Your Service....Hi there students of the AA Program. I am committed to this position as your Program Chair and thus will try to do my best to be at your service. All I ask is that you deal with our UPOU staff politely and extend an ounce of patience as we aim to make things better for you. I hope through this site, a few gray matters can be ironed out and properly communicated to you
  • Scratch Paper @UPOU

    This is where I wove dreams for UPOU, returned to writing poems and blogged through moments of isolation as a new faculty who was basically reporting for work in a faculty room of empty cubicles. This was also the year when I was going through a lot in my personal life and had 1-2 valuable colleagues to rely on. Green buttons saved the day :)
  • The Builders' School Program Online

    Online Curriculum Site Online for easy access to parents and to equally educate them about the tools of technology they need to catch up with as their kids are in the NOW.
  • The Builders' Project Workspace

    Children learning to Google Site This site show evidence of their children being in the NOW and so parents need to catch up.
  • EDUC 280@UPOU Google Sites

    Course Site Here... A step away and out of Moodle to give more students access to what the course is all about, even before enrollment time. Adult learners need to plan ahead...and besides, it's a good measure whenever MyPortal=Moodle is down!