Advancements In Technology

  • AOL

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    AOL stands for America Online. It's headquarter is in New York City. They are invested to making any kind of web pages, and brands.
  • Wi-Fi

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    Wi-Fi gives internet access to computers, smartphones, and tablets using radio waves. A computer translates the soundwaves and transmits it using an antenna. The router receives it and sends it back to the internet. This can also work in reverse.
  • Smartphone

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    A smartphone is a phone that does a lot of what a computer can do. That is what it is programmed for. It is pretty much a portable computer. It does have a touchscreen, and internet access. you can also download apps and games to it (just like a computer)!
  • BlueTooth

    The bluetooth is a small device you put in your ear to talk to people. It was invented in 1994 and was named the bluetooth in 1998.
  • Amazon

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    Amazon is a online shopping site. People or Companies can go on and put up what they want to sell. It is very effecient and they have almost anything you can think of. You can buy what you need and they will ship it to you.
  • E-Bay

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    E-bay is an online shopping site very similar to Amazon. You find what you want and you bid on it. Whoever has the highest bid wins that item. It is a very intense process but fun at the same time. If no one wants what you want, then you bid on it and you can win it for what the seller wants it for.
  • Craigslist

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    Craigslist is also a online shopping site. Although it isn't as appropriate as Amazon or Ebay you can still shop. You find people that live around you who are selling some things you may want. They don't ship anything. You have to meet the people in person.
  • Netflix

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    Netflix is a website and app that you subscribe to. For only eight dollars a month, you can have almost all the popular TV shows and Movies you can think of. The Company has over 50 Million Subscribers and they add fifty or so new TV shows and movies every year.
  • Google

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    Google is a multinational search Company. You can search people, places, or things. They have online advertising, cloud computing, and software. They started off building cabinets out of legos and now their a multi millionaire company.
  • Tablet

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    A tablet is bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a computer. It can do everything a smartphone can do, but with a bigger screen. It can't fit in your pocket but will fit in a school bag or a purse.
  • LinkedIn

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    LinkedIn is a buisness Social Media site. In 2013 it had over 20 million users. The site is available in 20 languages. It can be used for people in companys to talk buisness or just chat while at work.
  • Facebook

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    Facebook is an online social media site that allows you to post anything you would like. If you don't like something you can flag it. You can chat with your friends and have some group chats. You can also play games with the people you have friended.
  • Youtube

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    Youtube is a website (and app) that lets you veiw videos people put up. It can be used for entertainment, education, or even just tutorials on how to do things. Anyone that has internet can share a video, and others can veiw them. You have to create a account in order to post.
  • Twitter

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    Twitter is a online Social Networking Site that allows people to post messages and send messages to people. the messages can only be 140 characters long. These posts are called tweets. you may have heard of them before. People who are registered can read and post tweats, but unregistered people can only read them.
  • Cloud Computing

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    The idea of cloud was thought up in the 1960's but it wasn't possible. The Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced it in a meeting and everyone loved it.
  • Wii

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    A wii is a console released by nintendo. it has a sensored remote that connects to a bar. You can play games with the remote and you can even play fitness games. it competes wtih the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
  • Hulu

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    Hulu is a company that allows you to watch recent TV shows. So if you don't have cable and you want to watch your favorite show, check Hulu, they may have it. Hulu only has three commercials throughout the show. So if you don't like commercials, go to Hulu.
  • Bing

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    Bing is a search engine created and maintained by Microsoft. Steve Ballmer revealed the new search engine in May 2009. it was fully operational in Jube 2009. It is often compared to Google.
  • Playstation 4

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    The Playstation 4(PS4) is another newer Console. It competes witht the Xbox One to be the best videgoame console out. It mainly focuses on gaming, unlike the Xbox One which has movies, videos, games and apps. You can take screenshots and even share them with your friends.
  • Xbox One

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    The Xbox One competes with the Playstation 4 to be the best game console out there. The Xbox One has a little bit of everything. T.V, Games, and Movies. It is one of the eith generation videogame consoles. It is owned by Microsoft. You can manually record up to 30 seconds of what just happened. So if something cool happens you can just record it. The Xbox One also has a kinect. You can command the Kinect to do things and it will do them.