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By adrik90
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    Human Growth and Development

  • Birth

    I was born! I shared this special day with my twin, Briana Kelly. I weighed 3 lbs and 4 oz. Because of my low birth weight, I had to stay in the hospital for a whole week before going home.
  • First Song

    First Song
    I don't remember the excat date, but I do know that it was around Christmas time that my sister and I wrote our first song. We named it "Biscut to Biscut" for our mom's homemade biscuts. Following our first song came over 100 songs. We have now create two albums and sing all over the state. Music is one our strongest passions.
  • Baptism

    My twin and I were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ! I soon afterwards gave my heart to Him three years later. This was one of the best experiences that I've ever had!
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    Though I had previously attended a preschool/daycare, this was my offical first day of "real" school. This marked the beginning of a very long sucessful road not only to college, but to my career choice.
  • New Life

    New Life
    I gave my heart to Jesus Christ! Though I haven't (and am still not) perfect, He's never left my side. I love Him with all of my heart. I have to say, this was the highlight of my entire life.
  • Homeschooled

    Because my parents didn't like the way the education system was going (my mom's a teacher), they took us out of the public schools and we made a family decision to homeshool us. With six kids at the time, this was interesting and fun.
  • Highschool Graduation

    Highschool Graduation
    My twin and I graduated from high school! This was one of the best days of my life! I remember it like it was yesterday.
  • Columbia College

    Columbia College
    I was accepted into Columbia College not soon after graduation. This was also one of the happiest days of my life. This little country, homeshooled girl was going to Columbia College!
  • Residence Life

    Residence Life
    I moved away from home for the first time. Being homeschooled, it was hard for my twin and I to leave our family; we are all very close. We moved into Asbury, the freshmen dorm at Columbia College.
  • Ariana

    My niece Ariana was born. It was so funny because we didn't believe my brother and sister-in-law when they told us she was born; Ari was was born on April Fool's Day. She is one of the greatest joys of my family.
  • Joshua

    My nephew Josha Kelly was born! He, along with his sister, has taken over our hearts! We joke that our parents disowned us after the grandkids came along. I love him so much!
  • Seperation

    My sister and I seperated for the first time in 21 years. She went on a trip to Greece and Turkey while I stayed and completed summer school. We had never spent a whole day or night without seeing eachother.
  • Grandmother's death

    My sweet grandmother had a stroke on the eve of Thanksgiving. After being informed on Thanksgiving that there was nothing they could do, the doctors gave her up. She died a couple of days later. Though I know I will eventually get over it, I still can't believe she's gone. I have yet to cry a good cry... I still can't believe she's gone.
  • Field Experience

    I began my seond, but most important internship (field experience). I was "forced" to learn how to manage and take over therapy along with working with disorders that I'd never had experience with. I believe this experience helped my get my first "real" job.
  • Performance

    On this day my sister and I were choosen to sing at the Koger center for Ramsey Lewis (a great Jazz legend). This was truly one of the most amazing days of my life!
  • Week of April 18th

    This may not seem like a big deal, but this week has been the most stressful week in my life. A lot of important papers and projects are due this week that will either make me or break me concerning graduation. I know I may look back on this week one day and shrugg it off, but as for today, I'm pulling my hair out!
  • Got A Job!

    Got A Job!
    Earlier this year, a respresentative from the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind came to Columbia College to seek out employees for speech therapist positions. I was very interested in working there, but not interested in moving all the way to Spartanberg, SC; however, earlier this week, I went out on a limb and called them about a job. They gave me an impromptu interview right then on the phone. Soon afterward, I had a job!
  • Recieved Leadership Cords

    Later this week, I will give my final speech language pathology presentation at Spears Fest and reciever my leadership cords!
  • Graduation 2

    I will graduate with a BA in Speech Language Pathology!!!
  • Moving Out

    I'm not sure of the excat day, but I will be offically moving out of my home of almost 22 years. Though I lived on campus during college, I still went home almost every weekend.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    I began my senior year at Columbia College. I didn't think I would ever make it to this day! Now all I have to focus on is getting out of here!
  • Start New Job

    I will begin my first job as a speech therapist! I really look forward to expanding my experience and meeting lots of new people.