Adolf Hitler: The Rise of Evil Movie Part 1 Timeline

  • Born

    Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria - Hungary.
  • Period: to

    Hitler: The Rise of Evil Part 1

  • Abused

    When Hitler is still young, he was always abused by his father because his father thought that Hitler was a curse for marrying his own niece.
  • Hitler's Father Died

    On the third of Janurary, 1903, Hitler's father died because of "stroke of apoplexy". Hitler was still 13 when his father died.
  • Hitler failed the entrance to Art School

    On the October of thirteenth, 1907, Hitler failed his entrance to an Art School.
  • Hitler's Mother Died

    Hitler's mother died on December the twenty-first, 1907 on the age of 47.
  • Vienna Life 1908-1913

    Hitler moved and lived in Vienna. In Vienna, he tried to earn some money himself. He was begin to be influenced and was kept being told that the Jews were the reason the Germanies became poor.
  • First World War 1914 - 1918

    Hitler joined the First World War as the German army. When the World War ended, Hitler couldn't accept that the army had surrendered to the opposing country.
  • Hitler was Saved

    Hitler was saved by his dog, Foxl, where the dog leads Hitler outside. If Hitler stays inside, Hitler would surely died because it was bombed.
  • Hitler was appointed to become the leader of NAZI

    Hitler was appointed to be the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
  • Hitler's Pose

    Hitler's pose were photographed and made into posters to be hung up on the streets.
  • Circus Krone Speech

    Hitler made a speech in the Circus Krone, trying to persuade people to join the National Socialist Party. He then realized that Kahr has tricked him, and planned to move on by himself.
  • Bugerbrakeller Beer Hall Speech

    8:30 PM
    Hitler came and announced that the German revolution has begin and has surrounded the building.
    3:19 AM
    The German revolution begins and Hitler was caught because of high-treason.
  • Tried Out

    Hitler was tried-out, and was marked guilty because of high-treason. He continued to make a speech, where it eventually impressed the crowds and the judge.