Adolf Hitler

By st5839
  • Period: to

    Hitlers Life

  • Adolf Hitler was born.

    In Braun au, Austria
  • Hitler's Father died

  • Hitler's Mother died

  • He left Austria to aviod mandatory military service

  • he signed up for the military for WW I.

  • Period: to

    World War I.

  • Hitler was blinded in a British mustard gas attack

  • He felt as though the Germans won the war, ( but they really lost )

  • investigated the German's worker Party in Munich and became a part of them

  • Period: to

    lectured about the danger of the Jews and Communism.

  • Hitler was sent to prison for being part of a mob who beat up a rival politician

  • Hitler was released from prison

  • Hitler's book, The Road to Resurgence was published.

  • Hitler's half-sister, Angela Raubal became his housekeeper

  • Hitler, was considered a fool when he predicted economic disaster

  • took power of Germany