Adolf Hitler

  • Born In Austria

    Born In Austria
    Hitler was born in Austria he was the third child of six.
  • Adolf's Father died.

    Adolf's Father died.
    Adolf's father died of old age.
  • Adolf's Mother died.

    Adolf's Mother died.
    Adolf's mother died of breast cancer.
  • Denied admission to art school.

    Denied admission to art school.
    Hitler was denied by a very good Art school.
  • Moved to Vienna

    Moved to Vienna
    He moved to Vienna to persue his dream.
  • Became broke and homeless.

    Became broke and homeless.
    After he moved to Vienna he became poor and homeless. He tried sellins his artwork.
  • Listened to Karl Leuger

    Listened to Karl Leuger
    Hitler then started listening to Karl Leuger beliveing Jew's were the cause of Germany's problems.
  • Moved to Austria

    Moved to Austria
    He moved to Austria to persue his dream of becoming a artist.
  • Adolf left Austria

    Adolf left Austria
    Hitler left Austria when he turned 24 because he did not want to join mandatory military.
  • Avoided World War 1

    Avoided World War 1
    Adolf avoided World War 1
  • Adolf Joined the War!!!

    Adolf Joined the War!!!
    Hitler then joined World War 1 in the year of 1914
  • WW1 EXD

    WW1 EXD
    Hitler became depressed after germany surrenedered,
  • Adolf worked for the government.

    Adolf worked for the government.
    He was sent to investigate the Munich group and then he became one of the German worker's party which was reallt anti-Jewish. He soon joined the group.