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Adolescence: Almost an adult!

  • Puberty; we all did it.

    Puberty; we all did it.
    Puberty begins for girls and boys at different times. For girls, puberty typically begins at the age of 11 or 12 and boys at 13 or 14. This depends on the fact of their nutrition and if their body is ready to begin the creation of life process. If the children are malnurished or have other health issues, puberty is more likely postponed.
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  • College life: Girls vs. Boys

    College life: Girls vs. Boys
    The drop out rates in high school may be somewhat disappointing (to me) but college drop out rates are not much better. In college the drop out rates are extremely high. A large inconvenience for higher learning is gender intimidation; a boy of the same status academically will intimidate an equal girl. This because of the simple fact that boys have a higher expectation for sucess. This expectation in turn results in the girl to get worse grades.
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  • Harmful consequesces to fit in Img:gl

    Harmful consequesces to fit in Img:gl
    Due to adolescence attempting to fit in they are drawn like flies to a night light with things like anorexia, tobacco, sex and drinking alcohol. These are all harmful or can be in the future. Many disorders or disease can erupt from these "cool" activities. Tobacco and alcohol eat away at your insides and sex can lead to unwanted eruption of disease on the outside of your body. Anorexia can develop disorders that stay with you for the rest of your life and lead to a slow but rapid death.
  • Self esteem

    Self esteem
    Typically girl's self esteem tends to be portrayed as more vulnerable due to being more worried about personal sucess. Boys on the other hand still are vulnerable because they are held to a certain expectation of how a man acts, and to them reaching this expectation is sucess that all boys do not achieve.
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