Absolutism in Eastern Europe

  • 1598

    Ivan’s dynasty came to an end. After the dynasty came to an end, a period of anarchy started which was called the Time of Troubles.
  • 1613

    The period of Time of Troubles did not end until the Zemsky Sobor, or national assembly, chose Michael Romanov as the new czar in 1613.
  • 1689

    Peter the Great became czar in 1689. Like the other Romanov czars who preceded him, Peter was an absolutist monarch who claimed the divine right to rule.
  • 1703

    A long and hard fought war with Sweden enabled Peter to acquire the lands he wanted. On a marshland on the Baltic in 1703, Peter began the construction of a new city, St. Petersburg, his window on the west.
  • 1725

    Under Peter, Russia became a great military power. By his death in 1725, Russia was an important European state.
  • 1917

    The Romanov lasted until 1917.