Absolute Monarchs

  • Feb 19, 1500

    Charles I (Spain) was born

    charels was both king of germany and king of spain.
    his religion is Roman Catholic.
    "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse." quote from Charles the I indicating the order of languiges he best spoke to the not so well ones.
  • Aug 25, 1530

    Ivan the Terrible born

    ivan the terrible was called this becouse of the way he ruled over his country tretening strict and athorative.
    his father died of a boil infection and hes mother was assainated with poisin. he was left with his brother Yuri.
    He was the first person to be crouned Tsar of all Russians.
    His religion was Russian Orthodox.
    even though he was called Ivan the Terrable he was a good ruler the early part of Ivan's reign was one of peaceful reforms and modernization.
  • Feb 23, 1549

    Charels I extends the Burgundian territory

    this is when charels expanded the teritory of the Burgundian with the annexation of Tournai, Artois, Utrecht, Groningen and Guelders. these were all providences that were joined together to unite them into one. later on Charles V makd a Pragmatic Sanction this was issured to the 17 providences.
  • Feb 19, 1558

    Charles I (spain) dies

  • Dec 3, 1564

    Ivan departed Moscow for Aleksandrova Sloboda.

    from Aleksandrova Sloboda ivan wrote two letters stating his abdication this was becouse of people thaought to think he commited treason. A boyar envoy departed to Aleksandrova Sloboda this was to beg Ivan to retern to the throne. ivan saw this as an opordunity and sayed that he would only return if he were to be granted absolute power without question. he had demanded that he sould be able to execute any action without having the boyar council or church in the way of his opperations.
  • Ivan the terible dies

  • Louis XIV born

    His main goal was to have a centralized state governed by the capital.
    he also wanted to eliminate any reminence of feudalism remaining in France.
    his religion that he had the whole country was Roman Catholicism
  • Louis XIV takes complete power

    this is when louis took total control over well everyting and he sayed to his court "I order you not to sign anything, not even a passport" quote from wikapedia. he controled everything in the nation and he felt that he wanted to know everything that went in and out of his country. all of the people below him became very un important and had no idea what to do.
  • Peter the Great born

    peters education was given to him by many toutors Nikita Zotov, Patrick Gordon, and Paul Menesius were some of the more noteable ones that he learned from. when Tsar Alex died this put peters half brother Feodor III in place of the throne but he was weak and sickly. this did not go well and at the age of ten peter took throne with is mother as regent.
    Peters religion was Russian Orthodox Christian
  • Frederick William I born

    Fredrick was known as the soldier king yet he had never started a war. "the pen is mightier than the sword" has sometimes been attributed to him
    his religion is calvinisim
    he gained power by inhariting it from his father.
  • Period: to

    the rein of Frederick William I

    scince this site dose not give specific dates i will just do the main parts of Fredricks rule over persia. to start off he did all he could to improve persia and centralize it. he also replaced mandatory military service among the middle class with an annual tax. his king encouraged farming and he would store the grain from good times and when things got rough he would sell it. His rule was absolutist and he was a firm autocrat.
  • Louis XIV

  • peter the great Russo-Persian War

    peter launcehed the war against the Persians in order to spread and increace Russian influences in the Caucasus and Caspian Sea. this resulted in capture of of many different providences and citys. it turned out to be very succesful and this is one of the many resons peter the first is called peter the great. 9 years later though the providences and citys were given back to persia.
  • Peter the Great dies

  • Frederick William I