About my life

By tonyris
  • I am born!

    I am born!
    I was born in September 5, 2001 at the hospital called "Thainakalin"
  • Time TWIN TOWERS got destroyed

    Time TWIN TOWERS got destroyed
    It was when after I was born 6 days did the twin towers get destroyed.It was when Osama Bin Laden, the boss of some terrorists hijacked some planes. They killed the pilots and drove the planes toward the twin towers and crashed right into them(they sound like crazy people to me)! More than 3,000 people were killed in the avalanche of debris including the suicide bombers, the people in the planes and the people who jumped of the building. It was the worst air disaster in history(sad isn't it?).
  • First time I got a vaccine

    First time I got a vaccine
    The first time I got a vaccine, I couldn't even feel a single thing! That is because, I was only six months old! Now it is a different story. I have to do my best to avoid going to the hospital because it is very RISKY!
  • First time I traveled somewhere

    First time I traveled somewhere
    It was right in the cold weather in Thailand so my parents decided to go to Pattaya ( a place that has a beach and seawater). Unfortunatly, I was quite an indoor person and when we went to Pattaya, I always stayed in the room that we rented in the hotel. Also, at night I will always say " I want to go home!". But now I love to travel to lots of places, anytime and anywhere.
  • I go to Pre-school

    I go to Pre-school
    When I was 3 years old, I went to Pre-school at a place called "Park Place". Now called "Ascot". At first, I didn't want to go because there were so many strange kids but now ,well,I could get along with ALMOST anyone. My first thought was " I WANT TO GO HOME!" those days but now I'm not that scared!
  • My first birthday present

    My first birthday present
    It was when I went to "Siam Discovery" with my parents to go there and celebrate. There, I got to choose a birthday present from a toy store and I chose a car called a "Ferrari". And that was
    the first birthday present I ever got.
  • My sister is born!

    My sister is born!
    At first on that day, when my parents went to the hospital, I had no idea that I was going to have a little sister. I was going to be
    a big brother! However, I never knew that she was a girl. I thought she was a boy, and so did my parents! At first, her name was "TUN" but after realizing she was a girl, she got named "SHARPAE" and then "AMEE". From then on, her name is still Amee until now.
  • I almost get drowned

    I almost get drowned
    I was at the swimming pool near my house, playing innocently before...a squid grabbed my leg!!! Kidding! My sister was dragging me into the deep pool and then, she just grabbed me on the neck and, with a floating board, she pushed me down with all her might. I must've nearly killed myself rolling upside down and deflecting her with my legs ( I know, she must've been not noticing I was drowning) upward before my dad saw us and pushed us up ("what took you so long", I asked
    him afterwards).
  • I get 2 tickets to a place called "SUKOTHAI"

    I get 2 tickets to a place called "SUKOTHAI"
    I was hitting golf at Bangkok Golf Club at hole number 5 when suddenly I hit the ball and it went right into the hole!"HOLE IN ONE!"shouted my father. I quickly went there and snatched up the ball. "Today's your lucky day, kid",said a man as he passed by holding a bucket.I got a reward and a phone call from my mom congratulating me. I also got a certificate and the plane tickets but somehow I lost the certificate or something and the plane tickets? Don't ask me, but I managed to lose them.
  • My first trophy in golf

    My first trophy in golf
    When I went to the golf course called " BANGKOK GOLF COURSE ", I never knew I was going to get a trophy there. After I finished hitting the 18 holes ( in a tournament, you'll need to hit 18 holes) with the score 63 which is +9 of the golf course( if you get +, it is bad but if you get minus like -1, it is good) they announced that I got the 3rd trophy and that was the first trophy in golf I ever got!
  • I get in trouble with police

    I get in trouble with police
    It was when I ...robbed a bank! Fine! It was when my dad was driving me home from a golf course and suddenly, he seemed to drive faster and faster until we reached a police station and they called us in. My father seemed quite shocked that he was driving faster than usual(120 per mile) . After he came back, he was muttering about how unfair police officers were and that was the first time I (and my dad) ever got in trouble with police.
  • First time car flipped over

    First time car flipped over
    It was when I got my fifth trophy in golf. My dad was driving me home from a golf course in "Nakon Nayok" ( a place in Thailand)
    when the car flipped over into an extremely big hole in the road that some workers were repairing ( Great, now we will die with glory). But luckily, my dad managed to find an opening and we shot out of the hole and we shot out of the hole!
  • Prime Minister of Thailand gets driven out

    Prime Minister of Thailand gets driven out
    Thaksin was prime minister of Thailand before people realised that he was cheating and got driven out. Unfortunately, he had a little band of followers which called themselves, " THE RED SHIRTS" ( sounds like the Watermelon People to me) that battled
    against Thailand soldiers and ,fortunately with reinforcements against the red shirts, the yellow and pink shirts. The newspaper reported seeing Thaksin in England or someplace in Europe. Until now ( April 30, 2011), Thaksin is still on the run.
  • I get X-RAYed

    I get X-RAYed
    On that day, I was eating breakfast when I felt sick so my parents took me to the hospital and the doctor there checked up my body.
    Finally, he said that it was something to do with my stomach and I better go to the X-ray room. So I did and that was the first time I
    ever got X- rayed.( P.S If you want to know what happened, at that time I got a stomach ache and it also lasted for two days)
  • First time I ever had war with anyone

    First time I ever had war with anyone
    It was when my base of secrets was found. My friends Jinn and Ani had kept 3 books (though I'm not saying what they are because this might fall into the wrong hands) until a small group found them. It turned out that a friend that I had told, told them but we managed to change the base so there was no harm.
  • Second time I had war with anyone

    Second time I had war with anyone
    It was when a small group called The Beybladers took over part of
    our base. My leader was not troubled, however. We managed to use a strategy of our own but they still did not give up. We finally planned attacks for 3 days before they told us to stop the war.
  • Japan destroyed by tsunami

    Japan destroyed by tsunami
    Japan was destroyed by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosion. The earthquake happened first before it was followed by a tsunami which made the nuclear explosion. It killed a lot of people and cost a lot of money for the damage ,too(good thing there was donation or Japan would have to suffer more by debris in the city and go bankrupt).
  • First time I get a camera

    First time I get a camera
    It was when I came back from school, got into my mother's car when she asked me " Would you want a camera? ". I said yes and so she replied " If you finish your homework, I'll let you have it and, oh yeah, try not to drop it, it's expensive and I won't let you have another one, OK ? " I said OK and after I finished homework, I got the camera and that was my first camera ever (I've used it ever since)
  • First time car crashed

    First time car crashed
    It was the day my family was about to go to a place in Thailand called "HUA HIN". When we reached Hua Hin, the traffic light was
    red so we stopped but unfortunately, the car behind us thought the traffic light was still green and crashed us. And that was the first time we ever crashed. ( Well, at least there was no damage on the car because that car didn't crash that hard)
  • I ACCIDENTALLY break my father's head

    I ACCIDENTALLY break my father's head
    I didn't mean it you know. All I did was throw a golf ball at the gates and BANG! My dad came clutching his head with blood all
    over the place. You know how many days it takes for that head to heal? Not even to a DAY, he just wakes up and finds a healed head. Man, my father could heal extremely fast!