Abhay’s Education Timeline

  • Polar jumbo

    Polar jumbo
    I went to polar jumbo it was my first school i was two I couldn’t talk properly the students were making fun of me i had two best Friends they’re names are Aditya and John John always helped me the teacher’s were very kind too we had a lot of free time we always run to the ground and play tag we always used to get hurt i loved the ground it had so many activity’s during free time and in class my dad or mum used to come and pick me up i was in polar jumbo for two years
  • DPS

    I joined DPS when i was 5 i was very scared for my first day of school i got lost on the first day too but when i got to class i calmed down a little i was in DPS for six years my favourite teacher ws Priyanka ma’am she was my class teacher and my math teacher she always was kind too me she would always tell me I don’t understand your handwriting practice more my best friend was Nathan form grade 2 to 4 after that we were in different classes the ground was huge we always had a park
  • Dancing

    I started dancing when i was seven I was really good the teacher said that i was a good dancer when i told my friend’s i used to dance they laughed at it i danced in my community in my school i was the best dancer in my class i was forced to dance by my parents at first but then i liked dancing but once i broke my league while dancing I didn’t dance for a long time I quit the class the class was in my community
  • Coding

    I started coding when i was 8 I thought this was the hobby i will stay at but it was very boring i was always disinterested I always was late becuse i came from e the grou a little late I always told my parents some excuse for being late like i got stuck in the lift ect all we used to do was do some building thing where you connect one part of the code to the other I always skipped the activity and i told miss i did them at home
  • badminton

    Batminton is my favourite sport I play it almost every two weeks when I first started i was the worst bout over time i have improved I started playing when i sifted to my current house my friend helped me learn the rules and how to play soon i am now the best in my community when i was learning i had so much fun i have a advantage in batminton becuse i am tall i love playing it i hope i can archive something out of it
  • Scuba diving

    Scuba diving
    I went scuba diving on Havlok for the first time it was amazing but I didn’t like a persone leading me so i asked my dad if i can get certified my dad said sure but not now becuse we only have four days left so like that he kept postponing but now he says during you summer we will go to get certified but the experiences of scuba diving was really fun i had the most fun the third time becuse i was let to go really down and it was so cool
  • CIS

    I joined cis at grade six i was really nervous but I quickly made friends my best friends are Lucas, Chirayu, Anirudh and Vihaan the teachers were very kind and supportive at first I didn’t know where to go but me friends helped me out it is a very fun experience what i love about cis is that we can use our ipad it helped me learn my i like all my teachers this was the best school i have gon to till date
  • Trekking

    The first time i went trekking it was with my grandparents and my family my grandparents couldn’t trek so they stayed back so even my sister stayed back because she don’t like trekking so only me,my mom and dad went it was for 12 hours I remember the second time i went trekking was with my mom my sister and me we climed 12,500 feet in the Himalaya we had to sleep in tents it was very uncomfortable the pepole trekking with us were very nice