A Timeline of My Life

  • Birth

    I was born in the noon of Nov 9, 1996.
    In Qinghai, China, the province which is next to the Tibet.
  • Aunt moved to Canada

    Aunt moved to Canada
    Earlier in 1999, my whole family came to Zhuhai to visited my aunt and wished them goog luck in Canada. In Jan of 2000, they emigrated.
  • Moved to Beijing

    Moved to Beijing
    After my aunt's leaving, my mom sent me to Beijing to live with one of my relations and went to kindergarten in Beijing. But herself just stayed and worked togather with my fater in Qinghai.
  • Hi Elementary School

    Hi Elementary School
    I entered Binhe Elementary school
  • I can live with my mom finally!

    I can live with my mom finally!
    When I was in Gra 4, my mom quit her job in Qinghai and came to Beijing to live with me. She soon found a job and I finally did non have to live with other guys.
  • Recived the news

    Recived the news
    I graduated from elementary school in June.On July 30, 2008. Irecived the news that I was going to enter the No.7 Middle School.
  • Decided study aboard

    Decided study aboard
    My aunt, uncle and cousin was back from Canada for a vacation after leaving China for 8 years. She invited me to live with them and study in Canada. After thinking, my mother decided to send me out.
  • Everything was done

    Everything was done
    I got my passport, my study permit and everyting I needed to study in Canada. It seemd like I must leave.
  • Graduated from Middle School

    Graduated from Middle School
    I passed the final exam and said good-bye to my classroom, my teachers and my old school. I miss the time I spent in there. It was the most memorable 3 years.
  • Bye- bye China

    Bye- bye China
    I left China alone on Aug 9, 2011.
    The same date in Canada, I arrived.
    I was going to face a different world, different language and different living condition. I was very neverous and I did not want to leave but I had to.
  • Nice to meet you!!!!

    Nice to meet you!!!!
    I attended the international student orirntation program and met all the studying- aboard students.
    I was so lucky to have them.
  • Now I'm in RGSS

    Now I'm in RGSS