A look into my develoment!

  • About the time I was conceieved!

  • Period: to

    Prenatal and Birth

    Conceiving to labor!
  • My parents were expecting!

    My parents found out in about a month that they were expecting their next child! ME!
  • Active Baby

    I was a pretty active baby for most of the pregnancy
  • It's a girl!

    Found out there was another girl on the way
  • So far, so good

    I developed well with very little complications!
  • I was born!

  • Back to the ER :(

    Had to be taken to Emergency because I stopped breathing and turned blue, but I made it!
  • Period: to

    First Two Years!

  • Progressing normally - Psychosocial

    My parents tell me I was a very happy baby and was smiling all the time! I am starting to get my personality and I was told that I loved socializing and being around people and being held and was laughing and smiling constantly!
  • Cognitive Development

    I loved my pacifier! And so did my parents : ) I finally discovered my hands and was completely fascinated with them! I had something to suck on besides my pacifier and bottle! I would stare at things intensely almost like I was studying it, I was told!
  • First fourth of July

    There are few pictures of me dressed up in Red, White, and Blue. My parents took me and my older sister Ashley to a fmaily barbeque! I was still young and didn't care for all the loud noises.
  • Uh oh :(

    My sister loved to carry me and hold me. She accidently dropped me one day and I hit my head on the corner of a table.. luckily I was ok! She didn't get to hold me as much anymore
  • I cant sit up and hold my head up!

    I am starting to hold up my head and am able to mostly sit up by myself! My parents said I developed mostly on time, no big delays!
  • Babling

    I start my "baby talk" and ever since, no one can get me to stop talking!
  • Yummy Food!

    I am now starting to eat food other than milk. I can have sweet potatoes (which were my favorite) and other yummy foods!
  • Crawling- Biosocial!

    I start crawling around 8 months old, right on time! Once I start get going, no one can stop me! I finally found a way to get from place to place without having to be carried!
  • walking!

    I am starting to take some steps, my parents said I developed pretty early! I can also at this time sit up, roll over and crawl! I have a lot of options to move freely!
  • Happy Birthday!!

    I am one years old today! My parents had a birthday party for me with all my family and I got to eat some cake! Most of it ended up on my face or the floor, but i'm sure I enjoyed it!
  • A baby sister?

    I have a baby sister on the way. My parents try to explain it to me but I dont understand it yet. I just see that mommy's belly keeps getting bigger!
  • Completely Walking!- Biosocial

    I am now walking very well on my own! I was a pretty clumcy kid though and at first, they thought it was because I was still trying to master the whole walking thing, but then my parents got concerned. My parents took me to the Doctors and nothing was wrong.. I had a lot of ear infections and later discovered there was something wrong with my Left ear.. Later, I had to get surgery to correct it.
  • A good summer and a first word!

    I had a good summer and progressed normally. I have my personality and was told I was a very energetic, outgoing kid that loved attention! I continue to develop motor skills along side with talking. My first was Duck! I loved animals!
  • My baby sister is born!

    Emily Jane Ramseyer!
  • Playing

    I love to play with toys and wathc videos! I have a lot of interacting games that will help me grow and develop and learn! I will be two years old soon!
  • Two years old!

    I am two years old today! Just a busy, healthy two year old!
  • Period: to

    School Years

  • Florida!

    My dad, grandma, great grandma, cousin, aunt and big sister all go down to Disney World in Florida! My mom and my baby sister had to stay home since Emily is still so young. I really missed my mom but I had a great time!
  • Good Progression!

    I had another great summer playing with my older sister Ashley, who is now almost 5 years old. She's a good big sister! She teachs me a lot of good stuff! She is in school and I can't wait until I can go to school. My baby sister is getting bigger!
  • Toddler!

    It is starting to get nice out and I can ride a bike, with training wheels of course! I love riding my bike and socializing!
  • Happy 3rd Birthday!

    I am three years old today!
  • School!

    I started a day care, not yet school though but almost! I still love it!
  • My 4th Birthday!

    Today I am 4 years old
  • Pre School!

    I love going to school!
  • Making friends

    My mom says I made so many new friends and that my teachers talked about how good I was doing!
  • Happy 5th birthday!

    I am 5 years old today, Enjoying my summer and excited to start elementary school!
  • Period: to

    Kindergarden through Elementary School

    I started kindergarden with Mrs.Sutton in the fall of 1996. I was 5 years old.
  • First Day!

    Not sure when my actual first day of kindergarden was but it was around this date! I attended Grant Elementary School
  • Pictures!

    Got my first school pictures taken! And I love being a Gator!
  • Winter Break

    I did not want to leave school for two weeks. I love school! I could not wait to go back, but I was looking forward to Christmas!
  • Sailing througn school - Cognitive

    The end of being a first grader is nearing and I am doing great in school! My teachers love to talk about how well I am adapting and how fast I am learning!
  • 6th Birthday!

    It is my 6th birthday today, and I am having a huge party with all my new friends! I got a bouncy house, and pinata, and pin the tail on the donkey and a bunch of other fun things!
  • Another year over!

    I am making my way to second grade in the fall, and I got all A's and B's!
  • Last day

    It is my last day of kindergarden, i am going to be a frist grader when I come back in the fall!
  • First Grade - Develomental

    Learning that I am good at Math! And I love reading, and writing and I love going to school!
  • so many new friends - Social

    I have a lot of friends from kindergarden but I am also making many new friends in my first grade classes!
  • Merry Christmas!

    So happy to be spending the holidays with my family!
  • End of second grade, on to third!

    Another year over, wow it's going by so fast!
  • Welcome Back!

    A second grader now! My sister just started kindergarden and is also going to Grant!
  • Back again

    My favorite thing to do is check the list to see what teacher I have and what classes my friends have!
  • Surgery :(

    I had to miss my school's halloween party because I had to get ear surgery. But i healed fast and was even able to stop by my classroom and hand out treats!
  • Projects - Cognitive

    Were starting to do independest projects now. We had to do a shoe box of an environemt for Science and I loved working on it!
  • report cards

    Report cards are looking great! I am doing great in school!
  • Birthday again, number 7!

    I am seven years old now and getting ready to be a big third grader!
  • 8th birthday!

    8 years old!
  • Fourth Grade!

    I am considered an " upper classman" now!
  • Happy 9th Birthday!

    9 Years old today!
  • Another year over

    Another year over, fourth grade!
  • Tests and other things

    Fourth grade brings standardized tests and other things.
  • 10th birthday at the zoo!

    We went on a field trip today on my birthday to the Zoo! It was so much fun
  • Almost a fifth grader!

    Fourth grade is over and I am ready to move on to fifth grade!
  • Fifth Grade!

    Starting fifth grade with Mrs.Santi ( later changed to Mrs.Smith)
  • 11 th birthday

  • 11th birthday!

  • Sixth Grade- Almost in Middle school!

    I cant believe I am almost in middle school.
  • Valentines Day Activity Night

  • Happy 12th birthday!

  • sixth grade breakfast/graduation

    We sang a song for our parents and had breakfast. It was a sad but happy day!
  • Period: to

    Middle School

    Middle School at Emerson!
  • First Day!

    First day of Middle School! it is weird transitioning to six different classes, different teachers and different people. I am on the Lions team!
  • Activity Night

    We had a halloween activity night!
  • Band

    I joined the Emerson band and am playing the Saxophone. I love playing the Sax and am very good at it! They needed some banor sax players and while I was playing tenor, I decided that I would switch! The banor is bigger than the Tenor.
  • Activity Night! - Social

    The first activity night! Full of dancing, basketball and fun!
  • First Concert!

    We had our first concert tonight and I even had a solo! It was a ton of fun! I think we sounded great!
  • Accident

    My friend and I were standing in line to buy lunch when she slipped and her tooth ended up going in to my forehead. Blood came gushing out instantly and had to be taken to the ER. Luckliy I was alright, there was just a cut and healed up quickly but left a nice big scar!
  • Happy 13th brithday!

  • End of Seventh Grade!

    Seventh grade was fun and full of all new experiences and friends!
  • Michigan State Soccer Camp - Developmental

    I attended the Michigan State Soccer Camp for a week. I have been playing soccer since I was 7 years old. I love it and loved this camp!
  • Eighth Grade!

    I cant wait to see what eigth grade has to offer!
  • Choir!

    I love Choir and I love to sing. I joined choir this year instead of band to persue my love for music! It was a alot of fun
  • Activity Night

    A second Halloween activity night!
  • First Choir Concert

    Our first choir concert was at Emerson in the auditorium. It was a great performance!
  • Laurel Park Singing

    We got to sing at Laurel Park Mall! It was a christmas concert and we sang all sorts of chirstmas songs. it was a blast!
  • Second Valentines Day Activity Night

  • Talent Show!

    Choir got to sing in the Talent show and I even had a solo performance! It was awesome, such a great experience.
  • Happy 14th birthday!

  • Nursing home singing

    We got to go to a could Nursing Homes and sing for them!
  • Freshman Cheerleading

    I made the Freshman Sideline Football Cheerleading team! I never cheered before, but I was in dance. It ended up being a lot of fun!
  • Cheer camp

    Went to champion cheerleading camp for a week with my cheer team. It was at adrian college and ended up being hard work, but so much fun!
  • Middle School is over

    on to high school!
  • Period: to

    High School!

  • Homecoming!

    My first dance at high school! It ended up being a great time!
  • Winter Cheerleading

    I ended up trying out for Competitive cheerleading and made the freshman team again. Competing was a lot different than sideline cheer but I had a ton of fun! My favorite part of cheerleading were the stunts!
  • Varsirty Soccer!

    Made the Varsity soccer team my freshman year!
  • 15th birthday!

    One more year until I can drive!
  • 15 th birthday!

  • Cheer Camp again!

    The JV team won a lot of ribbons mostly in first place, and a few in second. We did so well!
  • JV Cheer!

    I made the JV sideline cheerleading team. It wasnt much different than freshman, but the things we were able to do were more advanced. This was my last year for cheering, discovered it wasnt really my kind of thing.
  • 16th birthday, finally driving!

    Got my license finally! And my parents got me a 2003 white mustang for my first car and birthday present!
  • 17th birthday

  • MVP

    I was honored with the MVP award at my soccer banquet my junior year. This was a great moment for me and I was very honored!
  • Spring Break down in Panama

    Went to Panama City, Florida for spring break. Went an entire week and had the time of my life! It is something i will never forget.
  • !8th Birthday!

  • Senior Prom!

    Had senior prom. It was a good time! Got to see all my friends before graduation.
  • Senior Soccer Banquet

    Last soccer banquet. I was honored with two awards that night. I got The Patriot award- which honors one person who represents franklin at school and outside of school. I was so honored to receieve that award! And i also got a four year varsity award for being on Varsity for four years.
  • Graduation!

    A high school graduate, finally!!! Graduated with a 3.8 GPA!
  • Period: to


    College and Jobs!
  • Wayne State

    Decided on Wayne State University! Was very excited to start college
  • Loving College - Social

    Loving College! Made so many new friends and am going to school with some friends I graduated high school with. Commuting and finding that to be the hardest part!
  • College Finals :(

    College Finals were much different than high school finals but got through them with little pain!
  • Winter Semester

    Winter Semester has begun!
  • Doesnt feel right

    Starting to not feel right about Wayne State. It is expensive, I am still undecided on a major and most departments are of 0 help. Not as cheery about it as I was in the beginning.
  • Made it through. Summer time!

    Made it through my winter semester.. now it is time for summer!
  • 19th Birthday!

    Celebrated in Canada!
  • Last semester at Wayne

    Decided to be my last semseter at Wayne State. It is no longer making me happy. Decided on Schoolcraft to finish my pre reqs until I decide a major.
  • Finals at Wayne

    Last finals at Wayne State. Finished well, but now its time to say goodbye. It was the right decision!
  • much happier at schoolcraft!

    Schoolcraft is less expensive, has smaller classrooms so theres more one on one and is much more helpful. It ended up being the right move and now I am much happier! Decided on Nursing too! :)
  • 20th Birthday!

  • Fall Semester

    Fall semester is starting, had a great summer and looking forward to be back. Almost done with all of my pre reqs. Hopefully applying to nursing school soon!
  • Winter Semester

    Winter semester is starting. I am taking the last of my pre reqs for nursing school! Nervous yet happy!
  • Today

    Getting ready to take finals and finish up the semester. Looking forward to all that the future holds for me. I know it is going to be great no matter what! I have accomplished so much in so little.
  • Freshman year!

    First day of high school. A big school, but I am very excited!
  • Period: to


    I see myself as a nurse, a wife and a mother! I cant wait for the rest of my life with great people to enjoy it with!