A Look at Oscar Mayer's Lunchables Over the Years

By scanny
  • Lunchables are first introduced

    Lunchables are first introduced
    Oscar Mayer's Lunchables are first introduced to supermarkets in 1988 as an extension of the decade's popular TV dinner concept. At this time, the product was only offered with lunchmeat, cheese, and either crackers or bread. The products were mainly targeted at working women with children. Image courtesy of imremembering.com
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    The Evolution of Lunchables

  • Lunchables with dessert

    Lunchables with dessert
    Starting in 1991, the company expanded their product line by offering dessert as a side to their lunches.

    Image courtesy of fanpop.com
  • Lunchables with drinks

    Lunchables with drinks
    Starting in 1994, Lunchables started offering drinks as a side to their prepackaged meals. The first drinks offered were Kool-Aid and soda, and have since moved to Capri Sun. Image courtesy of The Public Health Advocacy Institute
  • Controversy in the Media

    Controversy in the Media
    Lunchables caused controversy in the media, as shown in a CNN article, for their product’s high sodium content, after they were the subject of a study released at the annual conference of the American College of Cardiologists. Oscar Mayer fought back, replying that the study’s conclusions were inappropriate as, “‘Nobody would eat a diet of all Lunchables, or any other single food.’”
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  • Added to Sensible Solutions program

    Added to Sensible Solutions program
    Lunchables are added to the Sensible Solution program by meeting a list of nutritional criteria, limiting the product’s caloric range, fat, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol, as well as including at least 10% of the Daily Value of a vitamin or mineral, half a serving of fruit or vegetables, or 8 grams of whole grain. All Kraft foods that meet specific nutritional criteria are identified by a green “Sensible Solutions” flag on their label.
    Image courtesy of Kraft Canada
  • Parner with TerraCycle

    Parner with TerraCycle
    For every lunch kit sent into TerraCycle, participants receive points that can go towards redeeming charitable gifts or a payment towards a non-profit organization. TerraCycle has developed national recycling programs for waste previously deemed hard-to-recycle. The company also sells a variety of products, from tote bags to binders, all made from recycled waste products. Image courtesy of TerraCycle’s Twitter page.
  • "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This" National Campaign

    "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This" National Campaign
    Oscar Mayer launched its national campaign, national campaign,"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This." The goal of the campaign was to help consumers link Oscar Mayer products to real-life moments so that eating their products became associated with positive memories.
    Image courtesy of Facebook
  • Joining Facebook

    Joining Facebook
    Lunchables joined Facebook and hired work-at-home mom Marcy to manage the site and personally answer customer questions or complaints. Image courtesy of wired.com
  • Fruit added to product line

    Fruit added to product line
    Lunchables introduces a new line of products to include a full serving size of fruit. The two varieties of fruit included Dole Mandarin Oranges or Pineapple Tidbits.
    Image courtesy of PWR New Media
  • Fruit Smoothies Added to Lunchables

    Fruit Smoothies Added to Lunchables
    The company introduces Lunchables with Chiquita Strawberry Banana Smoothies, providing a half-cup fruit serving. Image Courtesy of PWR New Media
  • "Never Be Bored Again" National Campaign

    "Never Be Bored Again" National Campaign
    The Lunchables Lunch Combinations Team partnered with celebrity mom, Tori Spelling, to launch their national campaign, “Never Be Bored Again.” The campaign donated $100,000 to fund the sport & recreation programs of The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Click <ahref='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMMksgbI6io&list=UUTdXtzs5GMWEWdxTegCmIaQ&index=5' >here</a> to see the transformation of The Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley in CA.
    Image courtesy of PWR New Media
  • Customer Complaint

    Customer Complaint
    With Lunchables now being integrated with social media, customers are able to have direct contact with the company. In 2013, Roseanna M. Morgan wrote on Lunchable's Facebook wall, posting a photo that showed platic in her daughter's Turkey n American Cheese Lunchable. The comapny responded to the complaint with a post requesting her to contact them further in order to resolve the issue.

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