A little of my life

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  • Birth

    I was born on the 22th of march in the year 1995 in Bogotá , Colombia.
  • Acknowledgments

    I was a very good student and since I started school I got recognitions as diplomas and medals.
  • The singing

    The singing
    At age 9 I was in the choir of a church as the main soprano voice, we made presentations at Christmas time in different places such as television programs and shopping centers.
  • Dancing at school

    Dancing at school
    In my school I participated in the group of dances.
    There I learned about differents folkloric rhythms and I discovered my passion for the music and the dance.
  • Graduation

    When I was 16 years old, I graduated from Alfonso Lopez Michelsen school
  • ILUD

    In the year 2012 after finish of my basic studies I started to study english in the Institute of Languages ​​of the District University for two bimesters.
  • Pre-university

    Immediately afterwards I decided to enter the pre-university in the polytechnic the Alps. since I wanted to enter this university, the best university in the country.
  • University

    Thanks to my perseverance in the beginning of 2013 I entered the National University of Colombia in the Economics program.
  • Crossing South America

    Crossing South America
    After this, on my first vacation I made my first significant journey, counting on my previous experience in short motorcycle trips through our country, I decided, together with my former partner, to travel to some countries in South America.
    I did not know how to drive in that moment but I was learning.
  • More dance

    More dance
    In 2014 I participated as a dancer in "The Machine of Time", a Bollywood show at the ECCI theater, it was a fabulous experience.
  • Career change

    Career change
    Past time in the year 2015 I changed of the career of economics to management.
  • Learn how to drive

    Learn how to drive
    In 2015 I learned to drive a motorcycle and soon after and I bought my first motorcycle, the one I have now is number three.
  • Aerial dance

    Aerial dance
    Also in 2016 I discovered aerial dance and this really captivated me. I started practicing in that year but I'm not very good yet.
  • Me and the music

    Me and the music
    My love for music made me get closer to an instrument, so in 2017 I started playing "the ukelele" and I also sang again.
  • Practicing yoga

    Practicing yoga
    Finally almost two years ago I decided to start practicing yoga because I have developed episodes of anxiety that have affected my social and academic life.
  • Finishing my career

    Finishing my career
    At present, I am finishing my career of management and I have taken a focus toward the marketing in especially in terms of health.