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A Brief History of the Radio

  • First Wireless Transmissions....

    First Wireless Transmissions....
    Think Quest- Radio 1900-2000 Gugielmo Marconi sent the first wireless transmissions over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • amplitude-modulate radio

    amplitude-modulate radio
    New World Encyclopedia-Reginald Fessenden invents AM radio.
  • New Street Works

    New Street Works
    A Darker Trantor
    Marconi succeeds again. This time he makes the world's first purpose-built radio factory on New Street, thus the name New Street Works.
  • Radio Tuners...

    Radio Tuners...
    About.com Radio tuners that picked up different stations were invented.
  • Superheterodyne Radio Circuit

    Superheterodyne Radio Circuit
    About.comThe superheterodyne radio circuit, which is used in every radio today was invented.
  • high-frequency alternator

    high-frequency alternator
    BuzzleThe high-frequency alternator was invented by Ernst Alexanderson, a Swedish-American engineer.
  • first ship-to-shore two way radio conversation

    first ship-to-shore two way radio conversation
    historyofradio The first ship-to-shore chat was between .S.S.
    America, and Deal Shore.
  • FM Radio

    FM Radio
    historyofradioIn 1933, FM Radio was invented by Edwin Howard Armstrong.
  • Bell Labs

    Bell Labs
    historyofradio Bell Labs invented the transistor.
  • sattelitte radio

    sattelitte radio
    Sattelite radio is invented.