Mahatma gandhi

9WH P.1 Andres Fernandez-Indian Nationalism & Independence

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  • The Sepoy's Rebel

    The Sepoy's Rebel
    There was rumors that the new rifle cartridges where greased with pork and beef fat. To use the cartridges, soldirs had to bite of the ends. The soldirs wher enraged since some of them did not eat pork. 85 of the 90 sepoy's .
  • Britain takes direct comand of India

    Britain takes direct comand of India
    The Munity made a turning point in India. Britain decided to take direct controll of India. The part of India that was under direct British rule was called the Raj.
  • Indian National Congress created

    Indian National Congress created
    This group at first only seekd small changeds but then pushed to self rule.
  • Ghandi travels to South Africa

    Ghandi travels to South Africa
    Ghandi goes to South Africa and there is where he realizes that society in India and South Africa is wrong. This is where he first starts his journy to changeing India.
  • Muslim League Created

    Muslim League Created
    Founded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. At first they focused on specific goals but later on the wanted self rule.
  • Ghandi find Satyagraha Ashram

    Ghandi find Satyagraha Ashram
    Here, Gandhi, along with his followers and family, lived and organized things.
  • Indian Troops Return Home

    Indian Troops Return Home
    Indian troops returned home from the war. They expected Britain to furfill its promise, but again they where still treated liek second class citizens. There was alot of radical acts of violence becasue of it.
  • Rowlatt Act Passes

    Rowlatt Act Passes
    This allowed the government to arrest anyone protesting withought jurry for over 2 years. This created more oposition against the British. Also Indians beliced that it was against their rights.
  • Amritsar Massacre

    Amritsar Massacre
    To protest the Rowlatt Acts, alot of people where gatherd peacefully in the Punjab where praying and feasting and listening to political speeches. Unawaere that the British government banned public meetings, the British comander orderd his troops to fire at them. Having no exit, 400 Indians died and 1,200 where injured. This sparked anger acros India and made millions opose British rule.
  • British Arrests

    British Arrests
    Resulting from the Strikes and Ghandis Civil disobedience, the British faced economic porblems. They ahd problems keeping the trains runing, factorys operating and the jaiils where ocercrowding.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Acording to the government, Indians could not buy salt from anyone else but the government. As a wa to defy the british, Ghandi marched 240 miles wth his followers to the sea coast. There, they began making their own slat. This peacefull protest was known as the salt march. At the end 60,000 people including gahndi where arrested but that did not stop Ghandi's followers.
  • Gandhi Participates in the Round Table Confrence

    Gandhi Participates in the Round Table Confrence
    Here, Ghandi travels to London to atend a Confrence where the option of granting India Indipendence is an option.
  • Britain Grants Limited Self Rule

    Britain Grants Limited Self Rule
    Ghandi and his followers, by civil disobidience, gained more and more power in the political aspects of the Indian people. Finally in 1935, the British parliment pass the Government of India Act. This provided limited local government and limited democratic elections, but not total indipendence.
  • WWII Starts and Britain needs Indias SUpport for the War

    WWII Starts and Britain needs Indias SUpport for the War
    WWII against Germany starts and Britain needs support from India. Sir Stafford Cripps comes ot India and offers Dominion Status to the Indian National Congress. The Congress declines it and decales that it will only support the British in the war if they gain Indipendence.
  • Calcutta fight

    Calcutta fight
    Muslims resisted to include themselves in an Indian government dominated by hundis. In Aug 1946, 4 days of fihgting left more than 5,000 people dead adn 15,000 hurt.
  • India and Pakistan Separate (Partition)

    India and Pakistan Separate (Partition)
    British officals belived that a partition of the Muslims and the Hindus would e the only way to ensure saftey. in 1947 the British House of Commoners granted two nations which where India and Pakistan
  • Gandhi Killed

    Gandhi Killed
    When Gandhi himself, went to the Indian Capital of Delhi to plead for fair treatments of Muslim refugees. There he was shot and killed by a Hindu extremist who believed he was too protective of Muslims.