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eLearning at Hawthorn-Melbourne

By vfowler
  • commencement of eLearning position at Hawthorn English

    Vernon Fowler was appointed the position of Acting eLearning Coordinator (1day/week) for an initial 10 week trial run. The position name transitioned from Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Coordinator. This shift is reflective of the change from utilising software installed on school computers to web based applications accessible via the Internet. In particular, applications that are engaging, easy to master, and free.
    Also, more hands-on assistance for teachers and their interests.
  • Academic and artistic uses for Wordle

    Academic and artistic uses for Wordle
    Post on teachesltech.vfowler.comIncluding 48 Interesting Ways* to use Wordle in the Classroom.
  • Take up the TED challenge

    Take up the TED challenge
  • Subscribe to your students’ backchannel

    Subscribe to your students’ backchannel
    Post on
    A better way: μ-messaging.
  • Pecha Kucha presenting

    Pecha Kucha presenting
    post on
    Including a PowerPoint template with automatic 20 second timings.
  • A picture tells a thousand words

    A picture tells a thousand words
    post on with instructions on how to source pictures for presentations.
  • Newsworthy

  • PechaKucha first run

    PechaKucha first run
    Hawthorn-Melbourne ran it's first PechaKucha presentations with Pre-Intermediate class 9A today. Well done to the teacher, Licia, and all the students for a fantastic show and tell.
    Watch the DVD video recording of these students giving it their all.
  • Skype in the classroom (beta)

    Skype in the classroom (beta)
    All you need to do is go to and sign in with your Skype username and password. Then you can go ahead, start sharing resources and find other teachers who share your interests. You'll notice that there isn't a lot of information to begin with; that's because we'd like people like you to populate the site with content of your choice.
  • Rosemary B uses Dvolver movie maker with EAP1

    Rosemary B uses Dvolver movie maker with EAP1 is where you can go to create mini movies with 6 lines of dialogue (per scene) between 2 characters. Choose a soundtrack and titles and you're ready to film. Email the final cut to your teacher to present them on the big screen.
  • Hawthorn eLearning PD workshop

    Hawthorn eLearning PD workshop
  • re-run of HELPD workshop

    re-run of HELPD workshop
  • Diigo Educator account approved

    Diigo Educator account approved
    Diigo Educator accounts are special premium accounts provided to educators. Once approved, your account will be upgraded to have additional features:
    * You can create student accounts for an entire class with just a few clicks (email addresses are optional)
    * Students of the same class are automatically set up as a Diigo group so they can start using benefits such as group bookmarks and annotations, and group forums.
    * Privacy settings, and more...
  • TED on education

    TED on education
    In November 2010, Diana Laufenberg presented a 10 minute TED Talk on education titled How to learn? From mistakes.
    Homework tasks – in the document
    * Write a brief evaluation of 5 features on the talk page (e.g. download button).
    * Choose a talk and tell the class about it during the next lesson.
  • Assist marketing with Twitter and Facebook > Tweetdeck

    Assist marketing with Twitter and Facebook > Tweetdeck
    Assist marketing with creating the official Hawthorn-Melbourne Twitter account. Suggested following!/metrotrains and!/MelbourneBuzz Installing Tweetdeck to manage posts to both Facebook and Twitter from one place.
  • PechaKucha in class workshop

    PechaKucha in class workshop
    Once again, Licia lead the way with getting her new pre-intermediate class (9A) into creating their own 5 minute presentations using a PowerPoint template and the PechaKucha format (20 second intervals).
  • SoundScripting & Wordle for EAP2

    SoundScripting & Wordle for EAP2
    Using Microsoft Word, students try Sound Scripting activity to build fluency for presentations. Based on their essay drafts, students from 3C copied their essays into Wordle to see which words are high frequency.
  • filming PechaKucha presentations

    filming PechaKucha presentations
    Licia's pre-intermediate class (9A) presentations filming and subsequent DVD burning for students to watch afterward.
  • Zotero on Firefox Portable

    Zotero on Firefox Portable
    EAP2 students reach the end of their 6 week course. I'll show them the results they can get from using Zotero for their citating and referencing, and how they get it and use it themselves.
  • Do you teach Zotero?

    Do you teach Zotero?
    Add your name and help the cause!
    In an effort to organize and formalize outreach, Zotero is compiling a master list of contact information of those individuals who currently teach Zotero (or are interested in evangelizing) at various institutions around the globe.
  • Testing potential of BuddyPress

    Testing potential of BuddyPress
  • Pairs PechaKucha preparations

    Pairs PechaKucha preparations
    Students in Licia's 10A Elementary class prepare their slides and rehearse with timing for their pairs presentation: 3 likes + 3 dislikes for 15 seconds each slide with pictures from TagGalaxy
  • Introduced Diigo to Marina

    Introduced Diigo to Marina