texas revoloution

  • land offer

    land offer
    spainish aloud moses to start a settlement
  • mexican independence

    mexican independence
    the mexican gains there independence
  • mexican slavery

    mexican slavery
    mexico outlawed slavery
  • population swells

    population swells
    population swells way sone americans over welm tejanos 6 to 1
  • war begins

    war begins
    Moses Austin went to mexico city to present a list of request reforms to mexican officials. The request was that Texas become a self governing state within mexico. Santa Anna learnd of the leader and was furious. and then jailed Austin
  • come and take it

    come and take it
    Santa Anna sent troops to texas to take a cannon and texas volunteers had hung a flag over the big gun that said Come and Take it. The mexicans failed to capatur the cannon
  • the alamo

    the alamo
    Santa Annas troops surrounded San antonio the next day they begian ther sieg of the Alamo. the alamos defenders held off the mexican attack for 12 violent day on the 13th day Santa Anna orderd over 1800men to storm the fort. survivors were executed a total of 183 defenders died.
  • the fight for the alamo

    the fight for the alamo
    texans met at a settlement called washington on the brazos to decide waht to do about santa annas troops they decided to declare texas a free and independent republic Sam Houston was placed in command of the Texas army.
  • ready to stand up

    ready to stand up
    Juah Zeguin led a band of 25 tejanos in support of revolt also among the texas volunteers were free african americans. the texas army hardly existed. the were 2 companys of 30 to 400 men and the second was 180 volunteers at the alamo.
  • Santa Anna suprised

    Santa Anna suprised
    in just 18 minutes the texans killed more than half of the mexican army. Santa Anna had to sign a treaty giving texas its freedom.
  • texas a free country

    texas a free country
    Texas raised the official flag of the independent nation of texas. Sam Houston was elected president. In 1836 the texas government asked congress to annex texas to the union. some northerners objected. they feared that texas would allow slavery and upset the balance.